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  • Nečtiny


    Today I am sharing some of my photos from Nečtiny, the municipality I had assigned to November in my photo project for 2018. 35 photos again, as for all towns in this project. The municipality Nečtiny consists of 12 parts populated by 650 inhabitants. It is an area with long history reaching back to 12th century and […]

  • Having walked on New Year’s Day

    Having walked on New Year’s Day

    In Czech we have a saying conveying that what you do and how you behave on the New Year’s Day, it will last through the whole year. A bit scary if things don’t go well on that particular day, isn’t it? But we always laugh at something rather than become afraid and take it easy. […]

  • Buchlov castle

    Buchlov castle

    My family spent the last week of July in south-east Moravia, which represents the south-eastern part of the Czech Republic. We were staying in a camp and went on a trip every day so we visited a few castles and several interesting places I’d like to show you. On the first day we went to […]

  • Javorník


    When we were leaving the camp, we were staying at in Šumava last summer, our clothes as well as boots were cold and wet, and we were looking forward to returning home. We even weren’t quite sure whether to make one last trip on our way back. Then we found a location on a map […]

  • Kynžvart castle – Part 2 – Park

    Kynžvart castle – Part 2 – Park

    Last time, after I introduced Kynžvart castle to you, I promised to take you into the castle’s park so let’s get off. When we approached the castle, we noticed a direction sign heading for a wood chapel. We followed it and came to a wonderful place hidden in the park. The chapel which is situated […]