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Our rebuilt rock garden 2 years later

Two years ago my husband and I devoted lots of time and effort to rebuilding our neglected rock garden, you can read about the whole process in this post.

I was quite surprised to see how quickly the seedlings that I used from the original rock plants settled and spread. Only the Sempervivum varieties – especially the smaller ones – seem to need more time to cover the space which I assigned them to. On the other hand, some of the other plants have already tried to occupy neighbouring areas…

Here are a few photos of and from the rock garden. It looks rather flat in the pictures, in reality it is more 3D-dimensional. Especially when I climb the stones to weed the inner parts further from the edges!

I love the place and all the colours and structures it offers, the effort was definitely worth it. Now “only” to persevere in maintaining it, otherwise nature would take it again in its own hands, which in this case is definitely something I wish to avoid.

Happy gardening!