Behind the mask

The other day I was passing a parked car and was rather startled by a smiling face with empty eyes “sitting” inside the car. When having looked properly, I found out it was just a mask attached to the front headrest. I was delighted to have my camera at hand and took a photo or two. It’s an image that makes you think, isn’t it?

I used to believe that wearing a mask is wrong, that it’s just a form of a lie. Yet I understand today that a mask may not only hide a hideous face but may also protect a  fragile face and who I am to criticise that. Wearing masks and playing roles, it all belongs to the life itself and if it’s not done with the purpose of hurting someone or gaining an unfair advantage, I find the masks acceptable. From time to time we may need to put them on to play a necessary role while staying our true selves at the same time. I even find some masks healing if they stay just what they are and don’t become a lie.

Sounds downright outrageous? Not to me anymore.