Unexpected meeting

It happened a few days ago. There were many people standing in that place talking to one another. Like in a party or exhibition opening. I was present there too, watching the event I knew nothing about, when suddenly I recognised a face amid all the unknown people that was smiling happily at me. It was the face of my father. I came toward him and we embraced, joy radiating from both of us. Then my father started to dance with me slowly and we were turning around among the people. After a while I realised we were dancing a foot or two above the ground and I woke up. I woke up feeling sheer joy.

Well, you need to understand that my father died 10 years ago.

You need to understand that I never saw him dance with the exception of my senior prom when he unexpectedly danced with me during the dance intended for parents and their school-leaving children.

And you need to understand that I saw a 1995 film “Casper” where a ghost of a boy changed back into the boy temporarily and danced with his friend like this, a few feet above the ground…

I’ve been facing quite a few positive but challenging changes in my life this year and I like to fancy that (the spirit of) my father came to give me his support and to show me he’s proud of me. Or was it just my subconscious playing its tricks on me? I may never know but the joy of the unexpected meeting was real, strong and true, and I can still feel it though several days have passed since it happened. The joy and warmth are still there and that matters most. Doesn’t it?

I can tell you that dreams and the power they possess will never cease to astonish me.