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  • Having photographed people

    Having photographed people

    People. No family, just strangers. People as a key feature of the photographs to be taken. That was the theme assigned for May in the 12-month photo project that I’ve been trying to fulfil this year and because today is the last day of May, here I am with the final selection of 5 photos […]

  • Unexpected portrait

    Unexpected portrait

    In the Czech Republic, we celebrate a name day, the date of the year when our name is presented in a Czech calendar. It’s the same date every year. A few days ago my younger son had his name day and he was thrilled to get a T-shirt with the name of one of his […]

  • Autumnal photo walk and its surprises

    Autumnal photo walk and its surprises

    With its changing colours and soft light, autumn is such a special season and so many photographers speak about how eager they are not to miss out on taking some autumnal photos. That made me realize that I wouldn’t want to miss out on taking them either and asked my dear husband to go on […]

  • 52-week photoproject – Week 25

    52-week photoproject – Week 25

    Thinking Canon EOS 500D, 55-250 mm, 1/100 at f/9, 0 EV, 200 mm, ISO 200