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  • Castle and chateau Frýdlant

    Castle and chateau Frýdlant

    In the Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia, you can find a castle and chateau in one. It has the same name as a nearby town – Frýdlant – and belongs to one of the most important historical buildings in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in the 13th century to protect tradesmen using local […]

  • Sundial and other clocks

    Sundial and other clocks

    Time measuring devices, that was the theme of my 12-month photo project that I tried to fulfil in August and that my five finalists represent today. I have to admit that although the theme seemed to be simple at first, it was another challenge. Clocks of all kinds tend to shine and reflect their surroundings, their numerals […]

  • Observation tower Slovanka

    Observation tower Slovanka

    Slovanka, the oldest iron observation tower in Bohemia, is situated at the top of the hill Slovanka in the Jizera Mountains, at an altitude of 820 metres, not far from the town Janov nad Nisou. The tower is 11 metres high, 14 metres including the base. It is permanently accessible and the access is free […]