• Miscellaneous

    PF 2012

    Well, another year’s coming, something new starts so let’s use it to our advantage and make the best of it. There is always something new to be discovered, something old to be improved, something interesting to be followed. I wish you to be healthy, satisfied and open-minded.

  • Around home and village

    Winter scenes

    When we woke up on 30th December in the end of the last year and looked out of a window, there was a beautiful blue sky and unusually white trees. My husband got up, came back with his camera and started to take pictures of our garden. First I was laughing but after a while I went for my camera too… After comparing our shots we separated our ways – he made a decision to go to the village and explore its surroundings and I went into the garden to take a closer look. My hands were freezing while playing with the camera and when I finally went home, I…

  • Poetry

    Second chance

    While I was browsing through blogs a few hours ago, I unexpectedly found inspiration in one of them. There was a photo picturing trees lit by golden light and a forked trail running among them. First trying just to write a short rhyming comment I could not stop looking for better suited words and here it is, a product of that inspiration, together with a photo I took in the end of the last year: Snowy scenesAnd lonely trailsStretching to infinity Hearts being weighedOn precise scalesFound guilty or not guilty Of emptiness,Of apathy,Of being cold as ice We beg for our second chanceAnother game of dice