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  • Hluboká chateau

    Hluboká chateau

    What can you do when you start your holiday and the rain is pouring mercilessly ? Well, you can for example visit a castle or chateau and participate in a guided tour such as we did, not letting the rain spoil the experience. The chateau in the photos below is called “Hluboká”, it is one […]

  • Nečtiny


    Today I am sharing some of my photos from Nečtiny, the municipality I had assigned to November in my photo project for 2018. 35 photos again, as for all towns in this project. The municipality Nečtiny consists of 12 parts populated by 650 inhabitants. It is an area with long history reaching back to 12th century and […]

  • Manětín


    Manětín is the town that I had assigned to July in my photo project for this year so here I am to share some of the photos I took there and liked best. 35 photos again, as for the previous towns. Manětín is just a small town with about 1200 inhabitants but it’s well known for its […]

  • Archbishop chateau in Kroměříž

    Archbishop chateau in Kroměříž

    In my post about Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach I mentioned the Archbishop chateau in Kroměříž and today I would like to tell you more about it. Castles and chateaus are usually linked to the history of noble families but the chateau in Kroměříž used to be property of bishops and archbishops residing in about 50 kilometres distant […]

  • Castle and chateau Frýdlant

    Castle and chateau Frýdlant

    In the Jizera Mountains in northern Bohemia, you can find a castle and chateau in one. It has the same name as a nearby town – Frýdlant – and belongs to one of the most important historical buildings in the Czech Republic. The castle was built in the 13th century to protect tradesmen using local […]

  • 52-week photoproject – Week 52

    52-week photoproject – Week 52

    Peek into fairyland Canon EOS 500D, 28-105 mm, 1/60 at f/5,6, 0 EV, 28 mm, ISO 400

  • Chateau Žinkovy

    Chateau Žinkovy

    My husband’s relatives visited us last weekend and we took them out for a dinner. On our way to the restaurant we were passing by a pond, at whose end we could see a chateau together with its shiny reflection. What a beautiful view… I knew the chateau as I had already been there before […]