Places in Czech Republic

Hluboká chateau

What can you do when you start your holiday and the rain is pouring mercilessly ?

Well, you can for example visit a castle or chateau and participate in a guided tour such as we did, not letting the rain spoil the experience.

The chateau in the photos below is called “Hluboká”, it is one of the most famous and most visited chateaus in the Czech Republic.

Its past is closely connected to the Schwarzenberg family that played quite a big role in the history of the Czech Republic. They owned the chateau for several centuries and made it their representative seat.

In 1947, the chateau was confiscated by means of a special law “Lex Schwarzenberg”. Although the Schwarzenberg family supported Czechoslovakia in its fight against Nazis and could not be accused of collaboration, they were simply too rich and important to be let keeping their possessions.

Despite the rain, we enjoyed the place, the chateau is beautiful both inside and outside. And I can tell you, all the umbrellas were eventually an icing on the cake…

But not only them, look at the “eyes” in the vase standing behind the black umbrella, I hadn’t been aware of them until actually editing the photo. Isn’t the mysterious figure a funny and totally unexpected part of the story?