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  • Apple inspiration

    Apple inspiration

    The other day I was peeling apples and their shapes and colours caught my attention. I brought my apron (that I like but rarely use), picked a few leaves of lemon balm that grew in a pot on my window sill and played with my camera for a while. This is the photo that I […]

  • Autumnal apple inspiration

    Autumnal apple inspiration

    Apples belong to every season, perhaps with partial exception of spring, but I have them connected especially with autumn. Many of their varieties turn ripe at this time of year or need to be picked and stored. I’ve learnt quite recently that winter varieties need to be picked in autumn but can’t be eaten until […]

  • Apples in a basket

    Apples in a basket

    Playing with apples, side light, angles, depth of field and post-processing, I’ve created another image I’m not used to creating. I quite like it but expect more. Moving on… has become a motto of this project of mine.