Decision-making issues

Here and there I read local job advertisements and quite a few of them require good (or rather excellent) decision-making skills. The potential employers want the potential employee not to be afraid of making decisions and be willing to take responsibility for them, probably in situations and under conditions which may be very stressful and difficult. Without hesitation, I put these ads aside. I know I am not that kind of person. I do not make my decisions easily. Not even the most trivial ones.

Imagine me, standing in a shop, not able to choose a T-shirt. I like a few but I am not sure which one looks good on me and when I finally pick out one and bring it home, I see I definitely should have bought another one. Or I am in a bookshop looking for an interesting book for my son and get stuck holding two books in my hands, finding both of them nice but having to make a choice… So I browse through them endlessly and spend too much time there. Too much precious time.

The decision-making process is a path taking us into various directions and unknown terrain and there are many pieces of advice available on how to control that process, how to make it most efficient. Yet however meaningful the advice is, however helpful it is to follow it, it is still you who makes the decision, being it the most trivial or the most important one.

Sometimes I feel helpless.

Sometimes my neck hurts from turning my head back while questioning repeatedly the decisions I had made and I wish I was much better at putting a clear line between ‘before’ and ‘now’.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the possibilities and options I can choose from.

But life goes on and until it ends there is always a chance to learn how to deal with its challenges better and grow. Something to be grateful for.