Different angles of looking

A few days ago while learning new vocabulary I read a sentence saying something like “the weather was changeable, with lots of showers and a few sunny spells”. That’s exactly what the weather has been like lately… It’s raining outside at the moment and when I’m looking out of the window I have to think about the importance of the angle at which we look at things and matters occurring in our lives. Let’s take the current case of our garden versus our son: We’ve cultivated quite a big part of the garden’s lawn and planted new grass seeds there. It had been quite time-consuming to water it by using a pipe so I was glad when the rain came. This changeable weather may well support the growth of the grass.

On the other hand, my younger son has been at a special traffic playground with his classmates and teachers this morning practising their bike riding skills and learning about traffic regulations and although I’ve added a raincoat into his backpack, I don’t believe it would help much.

So on the one hand I’m happy it’s been raining because of the grass, but on the other I wish the weather wouldn’t spoil my son’s activities. I’d better look on the bright side, hadn’t I? The grass will be thick and my son isn’t made of sugar and will learn something else than riding a bike as e.g. that you can’t order the weather and stamping your foot won’t help. There are other ways of coping…

PS Some time ago we decided to change our Internet provider. When my husband was signing a new contract we were warned that the switch between the old and new providers might take a few days. Unlike my husband, I thought that a week as a maximum would be acceptable without a problem but I entirely underestimated how much I was influenced by the sheer availability of the Internet connection on a daily basis. Suddenly I had dozens of reasons why I needed the Internet access… We had to get by without the connection for 10 days and I can tell you that after a few days I felt really upset and I’m happy now to have it back. We take amenities for granted fairly easily, don’t you think so?