Places in Czech Republic

Lilac genre scenery

When we were approaching our car at the end of our outing to Žinkovy, I spotted out of the corner of my eye violet lilac bushes. I asked my husband to take care of our tired children and wait for me for a few minutes and went to explore the place. We were parking by an old church and when I turned a corner to come and see the lilacs, I found a beautiful scenery. The lilacs made the scene complete as without their colour the place wouldn’t look that prominent.

Unfortunately, the church and its surroundings look somewhat dilapidated and it’s the same old story about first lack of interest and now lack of money. There were two notices on the gate so the church might be used. I was in a hurry and didn’t go to have a look at them so perhaps next time I’ll get to know more.

Despite the bad condition, I like the atmosphere of the place. Do you?