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    Planning and scheduling

    Do you like when life is somewhat chaotic or do you rather prefer planning and scheduling? As for me, I stay on the planning side of the fence most of the time, I like when things work as I expect. Planning helps me to get organised, to meet deadlines, to capture my ideas, and it motivates my creativity. It focuses my thoughts and activities in the right direction. I like to visualise the planning to see at a glance the condition of my plans so from time to time I create various tables to get there. To inspire you, I’d like to show you one of the tables today, a simple…

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    Along the path of blogging

    UPDATE: I wrote this post on my Blogger blog before coming to this WordPress website a year later so its contents are not relevant to what I have now. Yet I decided to keep the post here as it shows the history of my blogging and where it took me and also for the inspiring comments it got. I started my first blog about fifteen years ago on the Yahoo platform for the sole purpose of learning English and keeping in touch with my online teacher. Slowly but continuously the blog was getting a new face and finally I was sharing photos I took and thoughts I was pondering over. Then Yahoo…