Decisions, decisions

When you start reading a book, do you always finish it? Or do you sometimes put it away because you don’t like or understand its contents? I rarely stop reading a book as I always expect it to lead me through its plot to something revealing, satisfying, interesting, thought-provoking. I even read in English the whole unabridged book Les Misérables by Victor Hugo although I did not understand lots of its contents as the vocabulary was too uncommon, I was so stubborn to make it to the end.

And when you start pursuing an activity and you are not as good in it as you would like to be, do you abandon it? Perhaps to try something else? I always find this to be a hard decision to make. Firstly, one doesn’t have to be a master to enjoy an activity, and secondly, one can improve in time. If you give up, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to improve.

Some time ago, I started a blog in German to improve my German. I was always postponing preparing its posts and wasn’t really interested in the blog. It was definitely quite challenging to try and keep two blogs… After some time I decided I was wasting time and energy and was filling myself with unnecessary remorse and negative feelings so I cancelled the website. Based on sensible arguments for sure but I felt like a loser not fulfilling my goals.

You see, I don’t like giving up once I started. But there is not enough time for everything, one has to weigh carefully the pros and cons of sticking to any book, habit or activity and decide wisely. A life-long necessity, don’t you think so?