Around home and village

Icy imagination

Do you enjoy watching clouds moving across the sky, wondering what their shapes resemble? If I’m sharing what I can see with someone else watching the clouds with me, I’m always surprised how diverse pictures we get, highlighting different features of the clouds.

The other day I went across our yard, which has been in the process of reconstruction lately, and I was watching my step not to stumble over a piece of hard earth or some stone. As I was looking down under my feet, I noticed a piece of solid ice giving me artistic impression.

I was thinking about the clouds and their shapes triggering my fantasy…

I can see part of an animal here. It has a long thick neck with a hump or wing at its end, donkey-like head featuring a large eye, short muzzle and erect ears, top of its head adorned with strands of hair behind the ears. It looks tame and somewhat surprised what’s going on, waiting for something to happen, perhaps to be released from that icy embrace.

Once I defined the shape, it was hard to step out of the box and see something different, the vision refused to leave my mind.

Only when I imagined to turn the photo upside down, I could see another creature. A bird with a short but strong beak, an inquiring eye, a crest at the top of its head and part of spread wings.

What a lovely encounter…