Places in Czech Republic

Church in Břeclav – Poštorná

During our summer vacation in Moravia we made many plans and visited many places but the church I’m going to show you today wasn’t on any of our itineraries. We were just passing it during one of our trips and because it attracted our attention, we made a short stop by it when going back, to take a closer look. And a few photos of course. Unfortunately the sharp evening sun and fading light made it quite difficult to take a decent photo against the sky but you can at least imagine what the building looks like.

There were so many interesting details and if it wasn’t that late we would have spent much more time discovering and enjoying them.

The church is a Roman-catholic church of the Visitation of Virgin Mary situated in the town Břeclav and its part Poštorná. It was consecrated in July 1898. It was built in the neo-Gothic style by a Viennese company. About two hundred types of bricks, special shaped bricks, tiles and glazed ceramic covering materials supplied by a local ceramics factory were used for the building.

What a building… what a church…