Bent thinking

Generally and probably like everybody else, I am used to do things in a certain way and usually don’t question that way. But then a situation comes which doesn’t let me follow my way and I am forced to change the point of view and to bend my thinking more or less to deal with the situation. If I do it well, I reach a solution that seemed impossible at first.

Like in the picture above. I liked the top of the building but I was not able to take the photo in the way I wanted. So I gave up and left the scene. A few hours later I went there again and was looking at the building regretfully. Then I took my camera and turned it in the way I wouldn’t have accepted before and here is the result. I find the angle unusual but interesting, what do you think?

My blogger friend Dixxe wrote in her last post that we should embrace changes and I agree utterly. But I would go even further. From time to time, we should not only embrace changes but actively look for them to be enriched and to alter our thinking routine. I definitely need it…