• Reflections

    Having realised my word for next year

    During this year I made a decision to change things and run this blog without comments allowed. Just to keep the blog as inspiration to myself and to those who find it inspiring and to free myself from expectations regarding any feedback. At the same time I made a relating decision, which was to publish also smaller posts based on let’s say just one photo or a short reflection. All of that with the aim of being more active and creative. Well, while I’m still happy with the first decision, the other one turned empty. Yet the day before yesterday I took a few photos in our village and after…

  • Focused on photography

    Fire engine and Rabí

    On Saturday my hubby and I went on a photo walk, despite quite unfavourable weather forecast. You never really know what the weather will be like in two hours in a location far enough from where you start and we rather wanted to give the photographing a chance than stay at home and regret what we might have missed. Well, I can tell you that the weather was bad enough at the destination we headed for and arrived at after almost an hour of driving. The temperature was just below the freezing point but the wind was chilly and then it started drizzling persistently so taking photos was rather a…

  • still-life
    Focused on photography

    Lilac and wooden birdie

    Some time ago I took a photo of cut hydrangea in a vase placed by quite an ugly window, you could see it in my post Out of place. I decided to use the same vase and the same window for another out-of-place photo, this time with lilac and a little wooden bird that decorates my interior. Again, I was intrigued by the contrast between the beautiful flowers and the place. Here is different, let’s say a bit more artistic, processing of the photo: I already have other flowers in my mind to put there and shoot, such as yellow Lysimachia or white Marguerite, sounds like it might be a…