New website for my German blog

Some time ago I announced here that I started a German blog with the intention of writing short posts and improving thus my knowledge of the German language.

Originally I started the German blog on a free blogspot domain and webhosting, thinking that it was enough for a blog nobody would read anyway but after a while I started to be bothered by the lacking settings I’m used to using on this blog based on WordPress.org software. Eventually I decided to pay those extra money for a new domain and webhosting to satisfy my blogging needs. The services are affordable, quite inexpensive, so why not…

They say it’s easy to set up a WordPress blog but with all the fuss about webhosting and installing everything I was quite happy to be led by the experience I’ve had thanks to creating this blog. It’s really not difficult but you may encounter some obstacles along the way that need to be solved.

I tried a few templates and then in the end I’ve chosen the same template I use here on this blog. I changed colours and a few details but altogether the blogs look like siblings and I enjoy that. The contents differ and are independent and I want to keep it that way.

Well, that’s it, if you want to have a look, you can find the “new” blog at http://fotosundnachdenken.eu. I haven’t written many posts there yet, I need to be more persistent, but I like the challenge…