My new logo and then back to Krkonoše – Part 2

My new logo and then back to Krkonoše – Part 2

The other day I felt tempted to create my own personal logo for my blog. It might be useful on some occasions… I tried a few shapes, sizes and contents and here is the result:

Now, let’s get back to Krkonoše (Giant Mountains):

No. 1: Thistles are a common part of the local flora, there were plenty of them.

No. 2: The mountain in the middle in the background is Sněžka, the highest mountain of the Czech Republic. If you look closely, you can see a few buildings on the top.

No. 3: I loved the boundary stones showing where the border between the Czech Republic and Poland is. I found them expressively photogenic and have a few photos with them.

No. 4: Here and there. In reality and in dreams. Being down-to-earth and being visionary. Live by presence and look into future. I like the contrast of those scenes…