• Around home and village

    Do you like lupins?

    Lupins are in full bloom in our garden now and that is a joy to behold, I love them. But the truth is that if you didn’t restrict them, they would force out and displace other less expansive flowers. I’ve learnt that in gardening as well as in life one needs to remove even what is beautiful when it’s out of place and doesn’t add to achieving balance…

  • Reflections

    Sempervivum fantasy

    I used to think that life has to be crystal clear and sharp, with obvious edges and unambiguous shapes. Yet gradually I’ve learnt that life can also be fuzzy, with undistinctive curves and curious colours, and still be nice and enriching. One simply needs to grow to appreciate some aspects of the existence…

  • Reflections

    Decisions, decisions

    When you start reading a book, do you always finish it? Or do you sometimes put it away because you don’t like or understand its contents? I rarely stop reading a book as I always expect it to lead me through its plot to something revealing, satisfying, interesting, thought-provoking. I even read in English the whole unabridged book Les Misérables by Victor Hugo although I did not understand lots of its contents as the vocabulary was too uncommon, I was so stubborn to make it to the end. And when you start pursuing an activity and you are not as good in it as you would like to be, do…

  • Reflections

    Memorable sunset sky

    People quite often take and share photos of notable skies with beautiful clouds, impressive colours, melancholy mood… Some of the photos are really impressive but on the other hand, quite a few were not able to transport the magic of the moment into the two dimensional picture where the observers intended to hold the wonder. Don’t understand my words as criticism, it’s just a statement of a fact. I know what I’m talking about as I made the same effort many times when trying to capture the uncapturable. Most of those photos ended in a bin, just the disappointment stayed of not being able to seize the beauty. Despite my…

  • Reflections

    Let your creativity lead you

    Do you at least sometimes create just for the fun of it, without expecting success and words of praise? Do you sometimes feel a need to express yourself no matter how amateurish the result would be? There have already been so many pieces of advice told regarding this topic… You’ve heard them surely: “Don’t let yourself get discouraged by others, don’t compare yourself with others (especially with those skilled ones), listen to your creative needs and satisfy them mindfully…” All those nice and well-meant words may be hard to swallow when you don’t believe in yourself, when you don’t find your skills good enough. Who wants to hide their creative…

  • Reflections

    Winter has not said its last word yet

    In our neck of the woods, winter has not said its last word yet. After some warm and sunny days that we could enjoy last week, this afternoon snow once again covered our roofs, yards and gardens. That made me think of winter sceneries rather than spring flowers… Overwhelmed by that mood I was browsing the photos I captured in January and found one I liked and wanted to process one day. So here it is, inspired by this April snow shower…

  • Reflections

    Winter moments

    This week has been chilly and snowy here and to see the landscape covered in snow and frost has been a lovely sight to behold. We hurry through our lives so many times but there is stillness as well that’s worthy of enjoying.

  • Around home and village

    Icy imagination

    Do you enjoy watching clouds moving across the sky, wondering what their shapes resemble? If I’m sharing what I can see with someone else watching the clouds with me, I’m always surprised how diverse pictures we get, highlighting different features of the clouds. The other day I went across our yard, which has been in the process of reconstruction lately, and I was watching my step not to stumble over a piece of hard earth or some stone. As I was looking down under my feet, I noticed a piece of solid ice giving me artistic impression. I was thinking about the clouds and their shapes triggering my fantasy… I…

  • Focused on photography

    Curious attraction

    It is a curious feeling to be taking a photograph you expect no one else would like. It is a feeling, as though you were entering a universe that holds no attraction for potential visitors but for you. Yet you hear the calling and you can decide whether to follow it and perhaps seem foolish or ignore it and throw away expressing something deep inside you what might take you further. I love this great adventure of photography teaching me to be myself, to look at the world around me through my own eyes, and to go deeper than to the longing to create something everyone would admire.

  • Reflections

    Task substitution

    Planning is a great thing, don’t you think so? But what if you plan a task and then instead of doing it, you choose another one to fulfil. What if… … instead of doing laundry you cook a cake? … instead of dusting you organize your stuff? … instead of proofreading an important contract you call your mum? Just because you don’t feel like doing the planned task? Not motivated enough or trying to postpone something you know you need to do but are not especially eager to fulfil? So not to waste time entirely by just being lazy and trying to calm your conscious you choose to do something…