• Seasonal wishes

    End-of-year wishes

    I haven’t been much active on this (or any other) blog lately but I wouldn’t want to miss out on this last post of the year. May it be somewhat personal? You know, I could count the reasons and excuses for my absence here readily but in the core, there definitely lies shortage of discipline and motivation. I don’t function well based on swings of mood, I need plans, deadlines and visions. Then I make progress, then I am creative. Abandoning the planning and dwelling amidst doubts, negative thoughts and lazy attitudes have always led me into the hell of rejection and it is so easy to get tempted to…

  • Miscellaneous

    All Souls’ Day

    Every November, 2 we celebrate All Souls’ Day here in the Czech Republic. On the one hand it is a Christian feast when a church prays for the faithfully deceased, on the other hand it is a day when many people regardless of their faith come to cemeteries, clean and decorate for winter their family tombs and also light a candle in memory of those buried there. It’s a beautiful tradition and I always like to see so many candles lit at the same time and expressing all the memories and prayers. As much as I like that tradition and tried several times to capture the atmosphere, I’ve never liked…

  • Focused on photography

    Still-life sunflowers

    When the left part of your brain is tired of all the thinking and planning and worrying, it might help to leave it to its own destiny and ask the right creative part to work miracles. The miracles may not be that awesome as you might wish them to be but they have their own rhythm, their own life. What about allowing them to pull you into their flow of vision and imagination? There are so many smaller and greater ways how to be creative. Last year my son wanted to plant sunflowers so we bought some seeds and waited whether they would grow. They did and they looked great…

  • Focused on photography

    Phone booth

    Today I would like to share two photos, both of which I took in a small town Stříbro. There are not many phone booths remaining here these days with all the affordable mobile phones, yet here and there you can meet some. I felt attracted to this one as soon as I saw it and I wanted to incorporate it into capturing the place. As a result I got two quite different photographs. I was standing at spots just a few steps apart, only turned a bit more to the left or to the right. I also used different light when sun showed its face here and there. I have…

  • Focused on photography

    Scrapyard inspiration

    When shooting photos in a scrapyard for the theme “Rusty” in my photo-project in 2017, I took a photo that I found quite simple and yet intriguing. Several corrugated sheets were lying on the ground among other scrap and sharp sunny light painted lines on the top sheet. I saw a potential in that geometry but after editing the photo for a while I abandoned it, dissatisfied with my results. Today I came across the photo again and decided to give it a second chance by creatively playing with it. I can tell you, I’m glad I did. To start with, here is its black&white version… … and here a…

  • Reflections

    We see what we want to see

    A brain is such a smart thing and helps us a lot but sometimes it makes a fool of us. Once I read an interesting article about how brain processes signals it gets from our eyes. The brain is capable of adding missing parts, e.g. of what is at our sides when we look ahead, based on what we saw earlier and thus helps us quickly orientate ourselves. It is definitely useful but sometimes it may also be somewhat confusing because the calculated vision may not correspond entirely with reality. In July my family and I spent a few days in Italy and one of the places we visited was…

  • Around home and village

    Feel the calm

    There are so many unnecessary words written and spoken, the universe hums and resonates with them. So you will surely forgive me when today I won’t add many in this post… … and will share just some colours and the atmosphere of calmness and tranquillity that I found in our garden. May they enrich your day.

  • Focused on photography

    Good photo or bad

    Sometimes opinions about a photo can differ quite a lot. Let’s take the following photograph. When I asked my husband to give me his opinion on the photo, he told me that it’s just yellow, no more added value. He didn’t find anything interesting in it worthy of looking twice at it. On the other hand, I keep returning to the photo. Well, I took it, so I may not be unbiased at all, but it doesn’t change the fact that I feel attracted to it. Is it because it was I who made those decisions on choosing the scene, selecting the crop, highlighting the yellow? At the site, I…

  • Miscellaneous

    Bee house impression

    Do you like honey? And do you appreciate knowledgeable local beekeepers? I do, so when Lenka, a colleague of mine, invited me to participate in the 1st year of “Honey days” planned to be held in their family bee house, I was looking forward to that occasion. And I was not disappointed at all when the day arrived as I got to know a lot about how bees are cared for, how the honey is made and collected, and what are the rules of proper beekeeping. Moreover, the weather was fine and the atmosphere of the  excursion was very friendly and kind. One usually sees just a few beehives together…

  • Reflections

    Behind the mask

    The other day I was passing a parked car and was rather startled by a smiling face with empty eyes “sitting” inside the car. When having looked properly, I found out it was just a mask attached to the front headrest. I was delighted to have my camera at hand and took a photo or two. It’s an image that makes you think, isn’t it? I used to believe that wearing a mask is wrong, that it’s just a form of a lie. Yet I understand today that a mask may not only hide a hideous face but may also protect a  fragile face and who I am to criticise…