About this blog

about_petra_1What is this blog about and why do I keep it?

This is my personal blog.
I don’t sell anything here.
I don’t teach anything here.
I don’t give away any free goodies here.
I don’t tell you here what to do when facing any kind of challenges.

I just share my thoughts and reflections – both in my words and photos – about some of my experience, about my photography efforts, about things and places that catch my attention.

It is beneficial for me and it might be inspirational for you.

Although I come from and live in the Czech Republic, I write my posts in English because I love the language and enjoy communicating in it.

The blog is divided into categories which in my opinion define the contents of the blog quite well. They are: Around home and villagePlaces in Czech RepublicEnhancing my photography skillsReflectionsPoetrySeasonal wishes – and finally Miscellaneous where I put all the other stuff. Each post belongs to just one category. I use tags to link the contents in more detailed way and across categories.

Now when you know what to expect, may I invite you to read a post or two to find out more?