About me

The photo was taken by my dear husband in Kroměříž Gardens.

Hi, my name is Petra. I come from and live in the Czech Republic where I was born in Pilsen, which is quite a big city with about a hundred and sixty thousand inhabitants. I lived with my parents and a ten-years-older sister in a block of flats facing a main street always busy with trams and cars.

When I married, we first lived in Pilsen but then made a decision to move out of the city and exchanged our flat for an old house in a village. An old house with a large garden, it was love at first sight. The house is about 100 years old and although we’ve reconstructed it, the age is still present in its walls and I love that.

I’m a mother of two boys. They are bright and smart but also quite difficult to handle. The process of bringing them up teaches me a lot on our way together.

I love flowers. I have plants at home and more in our garden. I enjoy weeding and gardening generally. While working in the garden, keeping my body busy, my mind can open and let my thoughts come, stay as long as I want and leave freely. Moreover, the garden provides me space I need so much to feel free.

I love reading and find it difficult to put a book down once getting started reading it.

I love photography. My relationship to photography has been developing significantly in the last few years, especially since I got my own Canon DSLR in 2010. Unless stated otherwise, all photos presented on this blog have been taken by me.

Last but not least, I love English. It sounds perfect to my ears and somehow grew on me. That was the reason why I decided to write my blog in English rather than in Czech and I’ve never regretted that. I like this space that enables me to practise my English as well as share my photographs, reflections and memories and to find inspiration along the way. And also to show how beautiful my home country, the Czech Republic, is.