Places in Czech Republic

Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary in Strašín

There are places where you simply feel good and for me one of those places were premises of the Church of Nativity of Virgin Mary in Strašín. Strašín is a small town in Šumava mountains and the church, whose origins go back to 13th century, is situated on its edge. It is, or perhaps rather used to be, a pilgrimage church where Mother Mary was worshipped. There are several legends relating to the place including the one about revelation of Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus and appearance of a healing spring with an energy point. I don’t know if you believe in such things, I certainly have my reservations about them but the fact is that I liked the place a lot. The church is old and needs some repairs but the premises are well maintained and decorated with flowers and a few flowering bushes.

Here are several photos I took and I am pleased to share…

(As part of my Photoshop training I decided to create a version of that opening photo with a type, isn’t it amazing how much such a simple modification changes the feel of the image?)

But no more words, here is the place…