My new German blog

To practise my German, I decided to start a new mini blog in German. I want not only to use German passively when reading or learning but also actively when employing the acquired knowledge.

To make it easier, I decided to use my photos to help me along the way. I plan to publish a post at least every two weeks with a small version of a random photo of mine accompanied by a few sentences relevant to the photo, either describing it or reflecting on it. I believe that in this way I will learn and remember more vocabulary and will become more proficient in the language. You know, practice makes perfect, and my English blogging helped me to improve my English so much.

The new blog is called “Fotos und Nachdenken” which means “photos and reflections” and has a great abbreviation FuN :). If you speak German or just want to have a look, you can find the blog HERE.

Wish me luck and persistence and take it as a tip for how to work on improving your language skills…



  1. Linda in Indiana

    I admire your commitment to improving your skill in the German language, Petra. You continue to amaze me. I wish you all the best with your new blog.

  2. I’m always in awe when people learn other languages. I’ve tried in my past, but somehow life gets in the way. So good for you and I’m so amazed at your discipline!

    1. Well, Robin, I do try but I wish my discipline was much better, especially during these hot summer days! 🙂 You know, I think it all comes to motivation and you, with your oh-so-useful English as a native speaker, has so much to offer right away…

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