Spring is in the air

…and that helped me to take my camera out of its bag and go with my hubby for the first photo walk this year. I can tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed the occasion.

Stop No. 1: That construction in the background is a transformer station. It sits amid fields and buzzes quite aloud while transforming and transporting the electricity. Very technical and somewhat mysterious place…

Stop No. 2: I am not much into horses but these two looked charming and well groomed, and curious to know what I was doing there at the fence…

Stop No. 3: Guess what made me stop at this spot… Well, the bag tied to the barrier. I saw it from the other side of the barrier and then, when I came to it from the opposite direction, I discovered a whole new structure of lines, shapes and colours.

Stop No. 4: You know those fairy tales where behind prickly bushes, a castle appears, in which a beautiful girl and a courageous man find one another and live happily for ever…

Stop No. 5: When I saw that split tree (probably struck by lightning), I saw  the letter A and look, there is also the letter I. AI like in Artificial Intelligence, or what about Artistic Inspiration? The little flowers by the stump are wood anemones, there were plenty of them.

Stop No. 6: We people think how important we are but nature can make us very small and unimportant, that’s what comes to my mind when I see the tall grass in the foreground and the houses in the background. Quite big houses, sure, but in the background…

Stop No. 7: There is something fascinating to me about the following photo. I like shooting technical stuff and this contrast makes me ponder over the past and future, the old customs and modern ways, the different ways of living and working and the combining of those styles together.

Stop No. 8: Haven’t you forgotten what I started this post with? Spring’s in the air so let’s enjoy the sun and warmth when they arrive!



  1. Oh, I’m jealous of how advanced your spring is, compared to ours. The beautiful flowering trees have yet to make an appearance here. I love the “AI,” as well as the other two images in that set. I enjoyed all of these, with their lovely spring theme. And I’m glad you and your hubby were able to resume your photo walks.

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