Today I am sharing some of my photos from Bezděkov, the town I had assigned to December in my photo project for 2018. I selected 35 photos again, as in the previous months.

Bezděkov is a small town with about 930 inhabitants. There is a castle from 18th century there but unfortunately, it is quite dilapidated, and also it is inaccessible as it is placed inside private premises. There was not much obviously captivating to be captured in the town so it was a challenge to get the photos I came for but along the way I managed to find some images to be taken home.

You might ask why this town when there was not much to photograph… and I would tell you that I saw a few interesting photos online and thought they were worth the visit. Also, I thought that in December there would be some nice Christmas decorations enhancing the town. My expectations didn’t prove justified… and yet it was an enlightening photographic experience, a lesson learned.

As always, let me add that the following selection of my photos is not intended to be any representation of the town, it just reflects the views and details that captured my attention.

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.



  1. I love the details on the buildings. They have such interesting doors, windows and trim. You don’t see much of that over here. People there also seem to enjoy color there. My favorite of this lot is the yellow church.

    1. Robin, the lighting is always the key, isn’t it?
      For me, that agriculture building was the best find of the day. I love the resulting images and feel enriched by that experience. You know, this is what I enjoy most to photograph.

  2. You made some beautiful photographs from this place that didn’t offer much that was obviously captivating. Your image of the castle doesn’t show the dilapidation that you mentioned. It’s a beautiful shot. I love the picture of the building with the archway, too. I think my two most favorite in this set are #23, the window reflections, and #29, with the blue wheelbarrow. I really loved both of those. Well done, my friend.

    1. Linda, thank you for the praise. You made me happy when mentioning #29 as one of your favourites, I was so unsure about adding it to the collection. It holds great appeal to me but I thought nobody would like it at all… So glad to hear I was mistaken! 🙂

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