Today I am sharing some of my photos from Nečtiny, the municipality I had assigned to November in my photo project for 2018. 35 photos again, as for all towns in this project.

The municipality Nečtiny consists of 12 parts populated by 650 inhabitants. It is an area with long history reaching back to 12th century and several interesting buildings, which are especially the chateau, church of St. Anna, church of St. James with adjacent cemetery and burial chapel of St. Teresa.

The chateau was built in the 16th century, rebuilt several times and nowadays it is owned and used as a training and recreation centre by the University of West Bohemia. The chateau is said to be one of the best places in the Czech Republic for observing the night sky.

The chapel of St. Teresa was once used as a vault of the Mendsdor-Pouilly family, who owned the chateau from 1839 to 1945 when it was confiscated. Nowadays the chapel is situated on the premises of a cooperative farm, which looks quite unusual, to put it mildly.

As always, let me add that the following selection of my photos is not intended to be any representation of the municipality, it just reflects what I saw and felt attracted by.

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.



  1. It looks like you had a beautiful fall day for your visit to this town. There was still a lot of fall color showing in November. The chateau looks interesting. It would be fun to view the night sky from there. The Chapel of St. Teresa is very picturesque. I like #13 very much, with the gate overlooking the pond; but I was wondering if that is a very large tree on the left side of the image or if it’s part of a wall. If it’s a tree, it must be old enough to have some stories to tell.

    1. Hi, Linda. The day was foggy and rainy but eventually we were rewarded by a sunny evening with blue sky, those are especially the photos with the chateau and chapel. I’m very glad that the chateau is used and an effort is made to repair it. I read that you can see up to 3,000 stars on that night sky which sounds amazing. It would be fun to observe for sure! In #13, that’s a tree on the left side. The gate represents remnants of an almost non-existent fence by the church of St. Anna, I love its autumnal air.

  2. What a sweet little town! Do you ever see many people out and about when you are visiting these municipalities? Of course #31 just made me want to study it for a long time. Like a puzzle to see all the lines and all the circles. Love that one. I’m so glad you included #32 as it really gives me a sense of what the surrounding area is like. And because of my wabi-sabi love…of course I adore #10. Can only imagine the stories that little chair could tell. Wonderful, as always!

    1. Robin, thank you. You know, we don’t meet many people on these small-town outings and if we do, we rarely capture them. Many people here don’t like when they or their houses are photographed, some look at us suspiciously or even ask what we are up to in quite an unfriendly way so I found out that including people in these photos is generally not right up my alley. There are exceptions of course, but none in Nečtiny… I’m glad that the lines and circles saved the day! 😉

  3. I envy you for your access to all those lovely old buildings. This village seems to be filled with them. Like you, I am nervous about taking photos of houses. I have read it is okay, as long as you do it from the street. That same shade of yellow shows up in every village, doesn’t it?

    1. Sandy, I don’t enter private premises if not invited and take photos from the street but some people don’t like it so I never know what to expect and prefer not to have people around.

      This shade of yellow is quite popular here, I wanted such a yellow house as well… 🙂

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