Sušice is the town that I had assigned to September in my photo project for this year and today I am here to share some of the photos I took there. I opted for sharing 35 photos again, as in my previous posts related to this project.

Sušice with its about 11,000 inhabitants is quite a big town featuring the Otava river, buildings both old and new, several churches, a chapel of guardian angel, several factories and plenty of streets to be walked. Many people pass through the town when heading to Šumava mountains to enjoy hiking or skiing. The town itself is even called a gateway to Šumava because it is situated close to the boundaries of the nature conservation area Šumava.

In the town, there used to be a factory producing matches, it was named SOLO Sušice. After 169 years the production was closed in 2008 and the town lost one of its symbols. I dare say that not just the town but the whole country as everybody knew and used SOLO Sušice matches here and also there were many collectors collecting the variety of SOLO matchboxes and pictures decorating them. I admit that although I have taken a few photos of the dilapidated factory, they made me sad and I did not find the will to include them in the following collection, especially as there was so much more to show.

Let me remind you that the following selection of my photos is not meant to be any representation of the town, it just reflects the variety that captured my attention.

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.



  1. You’ve done another fine job with your photo project in this town, Petra. You were blessed with some great lighting in some of the shots. I don’t know how you created the “ghost” in #10, but it made an interesting photo. I really liked the image of the mom and children walking under the hanging baskets of flowers, too.

    1. Thank you, Linda. The light really is so important and we never know what conditions expect us in the town…
      The ghost is simply a figurine in a shop window where the opposite buildings are reflected. It looked good in the spot and even better in the photo. And as for the photo with the children, I have the same photo without people but this one is so much livelier!

  2. Hi Petra, Congratulations on this excellent project you have been publishing.
    Its a great idea and I particularly like the views of the villages and surrounding countryside.
    I’m glad my blog is working again properly so I can comment.

    1. Roy, thank you for the praise, I’m pleased to hear you like the project. It’s both fun and challenge, lots of experiences. After all those months I like the same format of the posts with the 35 photos, it adds certain homogeneity to the project as a whole.

      I am also glad your blog is working well again, there are much more interesting things than repairing blog issues, aren’t there?!

  3. What a beautiful town, but what sad news about the match factory! Has the town recovered from the loss of jobs? You have such an incredible eye and I always look at your images as a whole to see what jumps out at me and then I go to the individual views to see. It never fails…what I love in the overall view is usually right on to the individual view. So my absolute favorites (not that you asked, ha ha) are #9, #10 and #25. But there were so many more that I enjoyed based on your perspective! Wonderful!

    1. Robin, thank you so much for the feedback and praise, it’s always interesting to hear which photos look attractive to you!

      There are other companies in the town providing job opportunities, for example quite a big company SOLODOOR producing doors and door frames, but I am not able to assess what’s its size in comparison with the other SOLO factory.

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