My mother used to tell me that underwear is not to be seen on a washing line and taught me to hang it behind other clothes so that it was hidden. It stuck to my mind so firmly that even after all those years I follow this rule and would feel quite uncomfortable if I had to do otherwise.

The rule also made me hesitant about sharing the photo above that I took during one of our photo walks. I love the morning light shining through the laundry and find the image relating a humble story about us humans, despite the inappropriate pants. Or is it the other way around and I hear the story because of them?

Hard to tell… But it is always good to try to look at things with fresh eyes and without the burden of expected answers.



  1. When I was growing up, I think we always hung our underwear on the line to dry, along with everything else that we washed. I can’t remember doing anything special with it. At least it lets people know that you believe in clean undergarments. 😉 I can see why you liked the photo. The lighting is perfect for it.

  2. Linda

    Never once had the experience of line drying clothes. My hand washables occasionally dry on hangers in the garage but rarely. Everything else goes in the dryer.

    The light is lovely.

    1. Linda, it’s interesting to hear about your experience. I’ve never had a dryer and know only a few people who have one as its operation is regarded to be quite expensive. Yet it’s true that its popularity grows for its advantages.

  3. The lighting here is beautiful and I loved hearing how you were raised as it relates to hanging laundry! We had a number of years during my childhood that my mom would hang laundry before we were able to purchase a dryer. Perhaps it was because we lived on a farm and no one would see it, but she hung it all for the world to see, ha! I just love everything about this image! The building, the clothes lines themselves, small shadows…nice capture!

    1. Robin, thank you for sharing your experience, it’s interesting to hear about these little stories of our lives… I might think about using a dryer during winter months, although that’s not something I would be longing for, but I absolutely love when laundry smells like fresh air after having been dried outside on the lines…

  4. I grew up with my mom hanging the laundry on the line, no special order. For more than 40 years I never used a dryer myself until we moved to the US where everybody uses a dryer. When we first lived in an appartment I refused to use the dryer and hung the clothes on the patio – it caused quite a stir! The management even sent out letters to all the tenants that it is not allowed to hang laundry – by then, however, we had already moved to a house that was rented to us by a Chinese couple who had a clothesline in the backyard. When we moved to our own home, my husband built a beautiful clothesline that I use as often as possible (except in the cold rainy months) – and I hang the clothes just the way they come out of the basket, in no particular order.
    I love your image, it reminds me so of where I come from.

    1. Carola, thank you for sharing this story of yours, it’s captivating reading! I am so happy I have my own garden now where I can dry my laundry when the weather allows that. In the house where I grew up, we had two little terraces on the roof situated into the inner part of the block where we were hanging the laundry, I will never forget them! I doubt I will ever have a dryer…

  5. I also grew up in the country. We were so far off the main road that the laundry couldn’t be seen by anything except company coming to the house. The clothesline was in the backyard, and my mom always put the underwear behind the sheets.
    Our housing association does not allow clotheslines. I miss being able to put things out on a sunny day.

    The light is lovely in this photo. I can see what attracted you.

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