Konstantinovy Lázně

Konstantinovy Lázně is a village that was assigned to May in my photo project for this year so here I am to present some of the photos I took there.

Konstantinovy Lázně is just a village with about 900 inhabitants but most importantly, it is a spa where health problems associated with the cardiovascular system are treated. It is the smallest spa in the Czech Republic.

The history of the village reaches back to the 16th century but the spa’s history is relatively short. It started at the beginning of the 19th century when the first spa building was built by a spring rich in hydrogen sulphide.

In 2016, Konstantinovy Lázně was awarded the title “Village of the year of the Pilsen Region”. The competition “Village of the year” is meant to encourage regeneration of the country and award the villages that make progress and develop.

As always, let me add that the following selection of the photos is not intended to represent the spa, it represents just a part of what attracted my attention.

Click on the photos to enlarge them if you want to see more.



  1. Gorgeous photos! You make me want to return to the Czech Republic to see more of the country. In March I went with my family but we stuck to Prague since we only had a few days. We loved it. At some point, I should post those photos on my blog – I am way behind.

  2. These are all beautiful, Petra, some because of their natural beauty and many because of the unique perspective you’ve brought to the image. The spa is located in a beautiful setting and looks very inviting. Many of the images that I especially liked, though, are my favorites because of the composition your photographic eye brought to the capture. One that really caught my eye was #29, with the woodpile. Another was #24, with the rusty gear. It was so nice of the mother with the baby carriage to add interest and perspective to the church in #16. You found many great subjects in this little village and presented them beautifully.

    1. Thank you so much for your warm words, Linda, I’m pleased to hear you find the photos attractive, especially the one with the woodpile, I really like it.

      I’ve taken quite a few photos featuring that church and the one with the baby carriage felt most interesting even though the figure of the mother is quite small there…

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