In black and white

It’s spring, right? Birds are singing, first flowers are showing their beauty, some trees and bushes are coming into buds.

And yet my photos for this week are black and white and I love their colourless but thoughtful stories. I took both of them on Sunday during our photo walk in Chudenice, it’s my hubby and me, or more precisely my hubby and my shadow.

I’ve experienced quite a few changes since the beginning of this year. I’ve bought a new camera (moved from Canon to Nikon and to a bit higher level of the camera so I have a lot to learn), started to exercise regularly on our stationary bike and borrowed elliptical (and I love that), and decided to keep an eye on job offers to see what the future might hold.

I rarely switch on my laptop at home these days unless I have to as I don’t feel attracted to that shining screen at all. I hope that my blogging friends will forgive me that I don’t come to read their blogs and leave no comments, I’ll be back, I promise, as soon as the change of time and season sinks in.

I would like to wrap up this little post with a quote I noted down a few days ago. Marian Jelínek, a Czech ice hockey coach, said that it doesn’t matter how big an obstacle is, what really matters is how much sense it makes for us to overcome the obstacle. Words to ponder, aren’t they?



  1. The image with your shadow and the shadows of what I imagine are tree trunks has a sort of haunting quality to it. I love the first photo, with your hubby. It’s beautiful, truly beautiful. This one needs to be framed and hung in your home.

    You and I have been blogging buddies and friends for nearly six years now. I’ll still be here when you feel like making blog visits again.

  2. I agree with Linda, that first shot is a keeper! It sounds like a lot is going on. You are doing what needs to be done right now. Have fun with that new camera, and know that your have friends around the world who care about you.

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