Along that road

I walked along that road. It was winding through the forest up and down, up and down.

After some time I arrived at a crossroads where I found out that I was on the right road but was going in the wrong direction.

I realised that there were some indications telling me I was going in the wrong direction but I was ignoring them deliberately. I didn’t care, for whatever reason.

At the crossroads, I could not ignore the facts any more and needed to decide whether to go further and make a long detour with unsure ending or admit the mistake and go back. I had my son with me so I was not responsible just for myself but also for him and his well-being.

The reasonable option seemed to return so I told my ego to shut up and turned back to get to the previous crossroads where I followed the right direction.

That was definitely an unnecessary detour but fortunately it cost us just about half an hour, some energy and a few more steps.

Yet it made me thing about all the unnecessary detours we make when making wrong decisions and ignoring those soft inner voices telling us the truth. For not listening to them, we may pay so much more.



  1. So right, Petra. Sometimes it’s best to retrace your path. That road looks steep and icy! I’m used to driving on snow/ice, but I’m only comfortable when I am on known territory. Would not like to slide or get stuck at some unknown place. We do need to be aware of our inner voice.

    1. Barb, I was angry with myself about not listening to those hints telling me something was wrong, it’s bad to ignore such perceptions. Funnily enough, the path in the right direction was even steeper and more slippery but we managed to get to our destination safely.

  2. In this case, it certainly seems as if you made the right decision to turn back. But look at the beauty you saw because you were on the “wrong road.” Sometimes, wrong turns have led Doug and me to some amazingly beautiful spots that we might otherwise never have seen. Maybe someday, in nicer weather, it might be fun to return to that wrong road and see where it leads. 😉

    1. Linda, I agree, some detours bring you to interesting places and situations you wouldn’t see or experience otherwise, there the detours may be enriching. And I loved that section of the road that I captured in my photo, no doubt about that! But I should have listened to those perceptions and little facts telling me there was something wrong… We ignore such indicators way too often and yet wonder why our lives go in a wrong direction although it’s us to blame.

  3. It is an interesting road, but I would hate to meet another car on it. My husband is more apt to keep going in a situation like yours. Like Linda, we have seen some very pretty places because he wouldn’t turn around. Was your son for turning around, or going ahead?

    1. Sandy, both my son and I unanimously agreed on turning back because the distance was much shorter and we wanted to see some views in that other direction, it would have been disappointing if we missed them. I agree, a detour itself may not be a bad thing but ignoring the hints was wrong.

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