Valentine’s Day is a feast imported to the Czech Republic especially based on commercial reasons and is not celebrated by many. At least I don’t know anyone in my circle of family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues who would celebrate it… There is no local tradition connected with it and also, romance doesn’t seem to be a popular word here, rather something to sneer at.

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day either but it inspired me yesterday when I was thinking about a topic for a post. Here are a few heart-related photos I took on various occasions and haven’t shared yet.

No. 1: Window

This is a detail of a little garden house in the castle Kozel, I felt attracted by that charming window decoration and contrast.

No. 2: Wooden decorations

These little decorations made of wood were beautifully lit by sun and brought warmth to my mind and soul when I saw them. Sometimes the little things have quite an unexpected impact.

No. 3: Bench

A detail of a bench that I surprisingly discovered at the edge of a wood up on a hill where a tourist mark guided our steps during one of our holiday outings.

From the bench, and I hope I remember it correctly, there was a nice view of the countryside.

No. 4: Gingerbread hearts

At a fair, you can buy gingerbread hearts with sugar icing for your grandma or grandpa, for your darling husband or lover, and you can even express your love in sweet words made of sugar.

No. 5: Lost heart

I found this little heart stuck on a bush behind an old church and I was wondering whether there might have been a wedding with guests throwing such little hearts at the newlyweds to wish them love in their marriage.

Take care of your hearts and hearts of your dear ones not to get lost at any time…

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you who celebrate it!



  1. What a perfect post for Valentine’s Day, Petra. I love how you found photos with hearts to use in it, and the photos are perfectly lovely, every one. I especially like the first two. The gingerbread hearts are interesting and could be used on any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day. Doug and I don’t really celebrate it, either. But some folks get really caught up in it. Hope yours was nice, even if you don’t actually celebrate the day.

    1. Linda, thank you. Hearts are sort of a trademark of the Valentine’s Day, aren’t they? I also read that sells of padlocks are increased at this time as couples in love like to lock the padlocks together to symbolically put seal on their relationship. Padlock producers even include this trend into their production planning. So interesting… When I was young, people used to put seal on their relationship by means of a marriage…

      I spent just an ordinary day yesterday with my husband coming late in the evening tired from work and probably happy we don’t celebrate the feast. 🙂 But he told me that one of his younger co-workers was going to buy roses and go to the cinema with his partner so there obviously are people who celebrate it here.

  2. I consider Valentines Day as somewhat of a ‘Hallmark Holiday’. (Hallmark is a greeting card company in the US) My family doesn’t really do anything special, but maybe we should… Maybe we don’t have to buy cards, just use the day to go out of the way for those we love. I will think about that for next Valentines Day. I love your first image. The others are wonderful heart finds too. 🙂

    1. Michelle, thank you. I’m surprised that both Linda and you highlighted the first image. I took that photo on a sunny day with too harsh light for a good capture so I expected it would be good for nothing. Eventually it was not that bad and I’m pleased you both like it.

      I think it’s nice to use the day and express your love in a way. I just don’t like the commercialism accompanying the feast and the false expectations some people might have.

  3. Great take on Valentine’s Day! Being in Cambodia for V Day I quickly learned that many students knew about it, but rarely celebrated. I brought them small candies with words on them so they can practice their English, so I think I’ve started something, ha! BUT, the big difference here isn’t so much for lovers as it is to show love and appreciation to family. I really like that difference.

    1. Robin, thank you. I think that you would have this experience of people knowing about the Valentine’s Day but not celebrating it in many countries around the world, it must have been an interesting personal experience for you. I also like that shift in the “usage” you’ve mentioned, to show love and appreciation to family is so important, why not to have a special day for it?

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