My word for the year and walk in the village

Since 2014, I’ve been choosing my word for the year to be my guide and companion teaching me to grow in some regard. As I’ve explained in my previous posts which you can read HERE and HERE, I don’t look consciously for the word, it always emerges from somewhere deep inside.

This year it wasn’t different. On Christmas Eve I attended a mass and the priest concluded his sermon with an extract from Pope Francis’ Christmas reflection. I don’t like when such extracts are read during sermons, they often sound incomprehensible for ordinary me, but this time the extract ended with thoughts where joy was mentioned among others. When the mass was over, I saw the word “joy” in capitals with my mind’s eye, knowing that it is my word for 2018.

I often feel negative and too often mention negative rather than positive things without realising how lopsidedly it sounds and negatively influences those around me. I need and want my new word to teach me to feel and express joy, the joy that accompanies faith, love and hope and thus exists even if everything goes wrong.

JOY enriched the group of the four previous words of mine which were HUMOUR, PERSISTENCE, GRATITUDE and EMBRACE. They all stay with me, teach me and will be enriching my life as long as I will let them, and perhaps even longer.

Before I wrap up this post, I would like to share a few photos which I took in the village where I live a few days ago when some snow arrived. It didn’t last long but created nice scenes I was happy to capture.



  1. I love your word for 2018! And I love this statement: “I need and want my new word to teach me to feel and express joy, the joy that accompanies faith, love and hope and thus exists even if everything goes wrong.” I pray that for you.

    The images are stellar, as usual. I especially love the way the snow outlines the tree branches in the second, third, and fourth photos.

    1. Linda, thank you for your kind words. I always think there will be nothing new in the village to take an interesting photo of and take the camera just in case and I’m always mistaken… 🙂

      I’m pleased to hear you like my word for 2018, it feels so strong these days.

  2. I love the way you go at life! Every time I come here I am inspired. This post certainly brought joy to me.
    Your village is very pretty. It looks to be a great place to walk, and photograph. The pond is lovely with snow. It is common for the snow to go away quickly? Ours tends to stay!

    1. Sandy, thank you for your kind words. I think that our village is quite ordinary and small but I always find something interesting to take a photo of… often by the pond! 🙂

      We usually don’t have much snow in winter, just here and there, for a few days, quite rarely for a few weeks. This winter seems quite “warm”, with temperatures mostly above the freezing point, so it looks rather like late autumn than the middle of winter… But we’ll see, it may change. Winter hasn’t said its last word yet.

  3. Lovely winter images.

    I also have experienced companion words to be magical gifts, offering insight that I might not have dreamed of.

    My word came to me while reading another persons blog post. I choose: consider.
    Consider what people are saying and doing, without judging or jumping in so fast with my perception. So ‘listen’ would work as well and I have used that word before, it is so good.

    Wishing you joy and insights around joy.

    1. Tammie, thank you. When I started this tradition of the word for the year those five years ago, I thought it was just something to try. I wouldn’t have believed it would become so personal, would you?

      “Consider” sounds both challenging and enriching… Have a great year in its company!

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