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The November theme of my 12-month photo project was defined as ONE PLUS ADDITIONAL which was meant to be a photo accompanied and complemented by a few other related photos. The main photo had to be taken in November, all the photos taken this year could be used as the complementary photos.

There were actually more ways of how to interpret this assignment so after having created several sets I decided to choose just those strictly satisfying the conditions. For example, I excluded a set of five observation towers… The photo I took in November was the largest in the set but it was not the main photo, it was just a collection of five different towers, nothing more. I wanted the main photo to be different in a way or to be a base for the others.

Here are my finalists, five sets created from 21 photos.

No. 1: Church of St. Anna

On a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon about two weeks ago, my hubby and I took our cameras, sat in the car and off we went. Because of the unfavourable weather, it didn’t look like a photo opportunity but we didn’t want to sit at home and wait for the perfect conditions (which would never arrive anyway) so we went to explore some places my hubby noticed while driving. One of those places was this old church of St. Anna from the 17th century. The rain was not heavy so we spent some time there, having taken a few photos without using our tripods as it absolutely didn’t make sense to take them out at the moment. I was quite sure the photos would be good just as inspiration for another visit and yet when I was looking for options and created this set, I liked that feel of moodiness and certain desolation the place radiates. Does every photo need to be technically perfect to be expressive? In this case it seems it doesn’t.

No. 2: Windows

It’s funny how this set came to existence. First I had a different photo on the right and I found all the photos on the left to complement it. But eventually I realised that the main photo was clashing with the others because it contained trees and they looked inappropriate in the collection. Fortunately I took another photo this month that fitted the idea and created even a better set. The photo has everything – the rectangles, shutters and metal grid and the grid embellishment makes it special. Coincidence had it, and I like the fact, that each photo was taken in a different town.

No. 3: Statues

In the castle Kozel, there is a small decorative garden, part of which you can see in the photo on the left. In and around it, several playful statues are placed, some of which you can see in this set.

No. 4: Construction machinery

My hubby always smiles when I photograph construction machinery, forest machinery, agriculture vehicles, etc. but the truth is that I like how they look. And more than that, I admire those clever brains who invented them. I took that middle photo on Sunday because I simply couldn’t resist capturing the scene, but I found out at home that I have a few more interesting photos to complement it with and the set looked good enough to make it into this final. Something a bit unexpected, isn’t it?

No. 5: Roses

This last set also comes from the castle Kozel. I love that seasonal simplicity… I took these photos during a relatively short period when the sun came out from behind clouds and lit the wall and roses prepared for winter. The limited number of colours, the shadows, the bench and the row of the roses made me play with the scene, result of which was the middle photo. For me, it’s the most important image in the set.

That’s it and I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge of not just taking the photos but also creating those collections. They made me see the photos in a different way.


All completed themes of the project can be found HERE.



  1. You’ve done an amazing job with this project. It can be challenging to make a photo fit into the size limitations of a collage if it wasn’t shot with that idea in mind. You’ve made it work well with every image. The one with the windows has a lot going on…the two windows in the upper left corner being placed on a diagonal, the unpainted brick section in the photo on the lower left, the lines and angles in all of them, and the shadows in the one on the right. That’s the one that kept drawing me back to it. But I really enjoyed all of them.

    1. Linda, thank you. It was an interesting change not just to look at the photos individually but think about their relationships and certain hierarchy, adventure of its own!

      What I like about the collage with the windows is that I captured them individually in different places with no unifying aim, just because they intrigued me, and here they meet and create something new… Isn’t it great to see those pieces click together?

  2. The church photos are nice, but I like the construction set the best. I can’t explain why, but the bright yellow shapes capture my attention.

    Did you find that this month’s theme was the hardest?

    1. Sandy, thank you for the feedback. I’m glad you’ve mentioned the construction set, I love it! 🙂

      I didn’t find this month’s theme to be the hardest. The truth is that all the themes were challenging in their own way and the hardest of all might have been the theme focusing on people as it felt very personal and got under my skin.

  3. So many wonderful photos! I think the church set is my favorite, I like the shapes. The cloudy day made the architecture stand out rather than have shadows from the sun competing for attention. My second favorite is the windows, I love windows. You have certainly done a great job with this project. Being a person who has a hard time sticking with projects, I am very impressed. 🙂

    1. Michelle, thank you for your kind words and for the feedback, it’s always so interesting to hear which are the favourites.

      I keep saying here that I find projects to be a great way of achieving something. Planning helps so if you break a project into steps, set the step’s deadlines and put them in front of your eyes, you’re halfway there. 🙂

  4. Lee

    Like several others, I like the first set, the church, the best. There’s a simplicity and serenity that I find very appealing. But I appreciated different things about each set! It was fun to study each group carefully before reading what you had to say about it. I immediately picked out the center photo in the Roses series as the standout in that set. It’s a wonderful, stand-alone image. All of these groups admirably fulfill your assignment. I look forward to seeing the results of your projects each month.

    1. Lee, thank you so much for the feedback, I appreciate the time you devoted to going through the sets. I’m pleased to hear that you first studied the sets before reading my accompanying words, the sets should speak for themselves without any words…

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