It is the last day of October today and according to the rules of my 12-month photo project I am supposed to publish 3 to 5 photos that I took throughout the month based on the theme of the month, which this time was CONTRAST.

Up to now, I always posted five photos, today I have just the minimum, the three, but I’m happy to have them actually. My hubby has been enormously busy these weeks and to make it worse, I fell ill and stayed at home for more than two weeks which didn’t leave me with many options. Eventually I decided to use the last few days I had to try and create some images at home. All of the following photos are staged.

No. 1: Alive

We bought that reproduction a few years ago as my hubby loved it and I wanted to please him but the truth is that I loved the image as well. It’s interesting that we both see contrast in the scenery but in a different way. My hubby says he enjoys the warmth of the orange colour in the coldness of the scene, I perceive loneliness and tranquillity of the view accentuated by the prominent orange colour whose warmth feels somehow hopeful to me. We hang the picture on an orange wall in one of our rooms which added to the contrast. More warmth for my hubby, more hope for me. Now by bringing the flower to the scene I strove for even more contrast, more hope, for bringing life where there is death.

No. 2: Different

My first idea was to take a few books with black covers and include a book with a white cover to create the contrast but it didn’t work as well as I expected until I noticed the series of Agatha Christie’s crime stories which makes the difference shine. I love all about this result. The black covers except the one, the same direction of the titles except the one, the no-picture style except the one, the uncoloured covers except the one, the complementary black and white. Don’t you sometimes feel this different from the people around you?

No. 3: Face-to-face encounter

To add the necessary atmosphere to the story, I processed this photo more than I usually do within this project. You know, this was such a playful idea at first but it took me much further than I expected… When I was showing the resulting image to my hubby and my older son, I expected they would laugh at me thinking I went overboard but much to my surprise, they praised it which encouraged me to include it in this post.

You see, the theme seemed challenging from the beginning and was even more challenging in the end but it gave me an opportunity to create something different than I usually do. Hopefully my images will provide you with some food for thought.

The theme for November is named ONE PLUS ADDITIONAL. As I explained in the rules of the project, it means that the theme shall be represented by collages created from one main photo which will be big and a few accompanying interconnected photos which will be smaller. The main photo has to be taken in November, the other photos can be added from those taken from January to November.

All completed themes of the project can be found HERE.



  1. I love that painting, too! And you’ve made a beautiful photograph with it and the accompanying flower. It was interesting to hear the differences in how it spoke to you and your hubby. Your book arrangement made a perfect contribution to this month’s “contrast” theme. The last photo also represents the theme well. You managed to fulfill this assignment quite well, in spite of the limitations you experienced this month.

    1. Linda, thank you for the feedback. Frankly, I was surprised to hear how different our feelings were about that image on the wall, though it’s well known that art is perceived in so many different ways. It’s not a painting and I wonder whether it is a simple photograph or rather a digitally created scene… What a clever idea.

  2. I love the reproduction photograph too! It looks perfect on the orange wall with the orchid. Great composition. The books are a brilliant way to show contrast. Your face-to-face encounter is processed just right for the image. The haziness of the image makes it seem a like page out of a storybook. 🙂 I hope you are feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Michelle, thank you, I feel better now. That last photo looked quite raw even processed, sort of jumping out at you but lacking the story, the haziness subdued the expression and added some mystery. I hadn’t expected that result but… why not? 🙂

    1. Barb, I’m happy to hear my effort inspires you. In my experience, when I get outside the comfort zone, I feel more fragile and more rely on my instincts and perceptions to guide me and I believe that’s a way to create something quite personal and get to know what’s deep inside. Photography is a great tool for this process.

  3. How fun to watch you “travel” through these challenges with such grace and creativity, Petra. However, I’m so sorry you’ve been sick! Maybe I was channeling you these past two weeks because I’ve had a cold that is my first “sickness” in the 10 years I’ve known Astrid (she’s never seen me sick till now). Hopefully we’re both coming out of the woods, even as I speak! Get and stay well!

    1. Thank you, Ginnie, for your kind words. I hope you are feeling better, it must have been annoying to deal with the cold during your travelling. As I can see, you are much healthier person than I am, hopefully next cold won’t overtake you sooner than in other 10 years, which means I might be lucky and next time you would channelling me with something more exciting than a cold! 🙂

  4. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. I can see why you and your husband like the painting of the orange benches heading off into infinity. So much mystery there!

    I was thinking of you this morning after seeing a photograph I had taken earlier. It was a flock of geese against a dreary sky. The contrast that would have a difference was not there. The photo went into the trash.

    1. Sandy, thank you for sharing your view. Not all photos need contrast but when it is the thing that the image lacks, it’s bad enough. When I was thinking about this theme, I though about how the contrast itself should tell the story and tell it in such a way for others to hear it, quite a difficult discipline…

  5. Lee

    All three are wonderful and creative examples of contrast, but I keep getting pulled back to the first one. There’s a wistfulness to that little flower with its head turned toward the image of trees and benches that tugs at my heart. As for the second one, the books: Yes, I often feel that different. Fortunately, I’m not bothered by it. I’m happy to be myself, though it wasn’t always so. I think it’s a peace that comes with age.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and hope you continue to be well.

    1. Robin, thank you, I feel much better these days. I’d love to know whether the scene in the first image is a real photo or digital art… I’d say it’s the latter so it’s interesting to hear that it reminds you of a real area!

  6. Hello Petra,
    I hope this has you feeling better. No fun to be sick.
    I really like the top image. It is striking. I find it interesting how you and your husband get clear on what you like and why in a photo. I think I go more with a feeling about it.

    1. Tammie, thank you, it’s much better now. I’m pleased to hear you like the top photo, it seems it’s most appreciated here. You know, I thought that my hubby and I saw the same contrast in the image we bought but then I realised that it does not necessarily has to be that case so I went and asked him and I was quite surprised by the results of the analyses of our feelings and perception…

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