Rudbeckia counterbalance

On Monday, a new school year started here which meant that last week I spent quite a few hours by shopping. Everything the school asked to get for lessons such as exercise books and pencils, watercolours and brushes, but also clothes and shoes as my 13 year old son is growing almost in front of my eyes these weeks. That clothes part was the most exhausting because although he is of average build, it was not easy to get trousers for him thanks to the current slim and skinny fashion. So much wasted time when looking for something suitable…

One day when we came home from such shopping, I went to the garden and felt wonderful in that open and peaceful space. I decided to grab my camera to take a photo or two but eventually I started to play and created the following image.

I  found that switch to be interesting and thought about how to capture it and the first thing that came to my mind were our shiny Rudbeckia flowers… I experimented with them further and found another place to make them shine.

The wind was blowing but it seemed to add interest to the petals…

I used Rudbeckia also in the following pair of photos a few days later. Another type of contrast.

One photo leads to another and I love how you often get somewhere unexpected and perhaps a bit surprising…

Those lovely little suns of Rudbeckia fulgida decorate one of my flower beds and from my experience they are very easy to grow here. They don’t need much care, live for many years and bring so much beauty. Quite an ideal flower for our garden…



  1. That “open and peaceful space” of the garden certainly brought out your creative juices. These images are beautiful and artistic. You know how I love color…so #3 is probably my favorite. But I also like #1, with the yellow flowers offsetting the otherwise stark features of the photo.

    1. Linda thank you, pleased to hear you like these images. I was planning something like that third image for the clock theme in August but I was too lazy to do that so I am quite happy that eventually I put the idea into life after those other shots encouraged me.

    1. Lee, thank you, I’m pleased you like those photos. I sometimes whine about not being inspired and then, when I’m inspired, I carelessly throw away the ideas for lack of time or effort so I was happy that this time I grabbed the ideas and turned them into something real. Way to go. 🙂

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