Time of lilacs

I saw first lilacs burst into flower about two weeks ago and it seems that the lilac that we have in our garden follows the lead at last and starts to open its buds. I still have a few still-life photos featuring the lilac that I took last May so now it would be the right time to share them. These are just branches cut from the bush.


I added some haze to the photo above to get a different feel and to create something not that straightforward, what a change.


Lilac are the essence of May, aren’t they. They always confirm to me that winter is soon to be definitely over, their flowers are a welcome sight.


What I love about lilacs is that their flowers make me feel positive, make me appreciate the beauty, make me focus on the pleasant. Just a common bush and so much magic…




    1. Thank you, Rune. Lilacs typically burst into flower at the beginning of May here, a few days sooner or later based on the altitude.
      I felt a bit hesitant about posting the last photo as I was not sure about the blurred detail of the can but I liked it and I’m pleased to hear that you like it too! 🙂

  1. Your lilac photos are beautiful! I love adding haze to images, I think it gives the image a dreamy feel. Right now my peonies are blooming and I was out taking pictures of them this morning. 🙂 Enjoy the weather!

  2. Thank you, Michelle, I’m pleased you like them. I’m not always sure about the haze, but as you say, it adds a dreamy feel that can be very pleasant. I’m looking forward to seeing your peony captures, they are beautiful flowers!

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