RUSTY was the photographic theme of my 12-month photo project assigned for April and here I am with the final selection of my photos.

No. 1: Nook with containers


When I was thinking about the rusty theme, the first idea that came to my mind was to shoot in a scrapyard. I was sure my hubby knew someone who operated a scrapyard so I asked him to arrange a session and it worked wonderfully. At first sight, a scrapyard is just a place full of junk but if you take your time, you may find some photography treasures there.

No. 2: Memorial


In May 1945, at the end of WWII, Pilsen was liberated from Nazi occupation by an American army under command of the General George S. Patton. To honour his merits, a memorial was erected in the city on May 1st, 2015. The memorial is said to be created from the steel alloy that was used for production of tank armour. The sculpture was not accepted favourably by the public who may have expected a simple statue. Some people do not see that profile with the face and helmet (and the label placed on the ground in the middle of the sculpture) and all they can see is just a 10-meter-high piece of scrap metal.

The blurred yellow tram accentuated somehow the sculpture, without it – or when the tram was of a different colour – the photo was not half as interesting.

No. 3: Sculpture


Čestmír Suška is a sculptor who creates very interesting steel sculptures from discarded industrial tanks. The ball above shows partly one of his sculptures presented in an exhibition in DEPO 2015 premises in Pilsen. I like the contrast and size comparison with the car parked behind the ball.

No. 4: Abandoned tools


Another photo that I took in the scrapyard, a still life of used and forgotten tools…

No 5: A bicycle


As you may have guessed, also this photo was taken in the scrapyard.  The light beautifully highlighted the scene. I tried several angles and this one looked perfect.

When I was selecting the final photos, I could have easily chosen just photos from the scrapyard, I find many of them fascinating. The stories they tell… But there was more so I wanted to include more. I hope you found something here that caught your attention.

The theme for May will be PEOPLE (meaning strangers, not friends or family, and the people should represent the theme of the photo, not just to be its part). Totally out of my comfort zone but that’s part of the adventure.

All completed themes of the project can be found HERE.



  1. These are great (and fun) images, Petra. I confess that I don’t see the face and helmet of General Patton in the monument. I even looked online for other pictures that might help me see it, but it just wasn’t there for me. Still, I love the picture. And I’m glad you explained that the yellow blur was a moving tram. 🙂 My favorite here is the one with the bicycle. Love the lighting and color in that one. You did well with what I thought would be a tough assignment. I wish you well with May’s theme of people.

    1. Linda, thank you for the praise and for your kind wishes. To see the General Patton’s profile, you need to follow the right edge of the front plate and look to its left. From the top, the edge draws the front line of a helmet, then a slightly curved forehead, a nose, a mouth and finally a chin. The same curving shape can be seen on the other plate from the opposite side of the pavement.

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