When sunny day turns into foggy view

…and vice versa.

The other day I looked out of a window early in the afternoon and saw a beautiful sun-lit scenery embellished with fog forming layers in the distance. I thought it could be a nice photo opportunity and decided to go and give it a try. I even tempted my hubby to go with me but when we arrived at a neighbouring village, instead of facing a breath taking vista, we found ourselves surrounded by dense fog. The impenetrable foggy scenery continued further so we decided just to buy some groceries and return home.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was and unwilling to give up… so eventually we decided to drive a few more kilometres to a place called Prusiny, which is situated in an elevated position, hoping that the church on top of the hill could be seated higher than the foggy blanket. The effort paid off as the view we encountered there was beautiful in many regards.

The funny thing was that while there was that sunny atmosphere surrounding the hill with the church, if you turned around, you still had the fog accompanying you.

I was fascinated by the solitary figure of my hubby surrounded by the seeming emptiness…

I took a few more photos to get the best posture and later, when I was looking at them on my laptop at home, they inspired me to create the following triptych.

Three individual photos and look how the bluish shades on the ground connect…

In some views, the misty and vivid character of the scenery faded into one another, such as in the view of the road in the following photo.

It was quite challenging to preserve the atmosphere in post processing, not to overdo either the lack or sufficiency of contrast, both generally and locally. I like this result, so soft and vivid at the same time.

The last photo I want to share today was captured from yet another angle and again, the scene looks so different… It’s so simple and yet quite impressive.

I took all the photos in this post (and a few more) while actually taking just a few steps here and a few steps there, turning to the left and turning to the right, gradually discovering the different faces of the scenery. Sometimes all you need is open eyes and open mind…

When we got home, the part of the village where we live was covered in fog and it felt like the circle was completed and the experience ready to settle.

Pursue your visions. Even if they won’t come true, you may find other treasures along the way. But you already know that, don’t you?



  1. It certainly paid off to keep looking for the higher ground. I like all your shots and I do see the connection in the ones of your husband, who sure seems to be a very good partner in looking for the good photos!

  2. I’m so glad you followed your instincts and went in pursuit of the beauty that inspired you from your window. Those instincts resulted in some beautiful photographs. I wouldn’t have guessed that all these images were made just steps from each other. The church on the hill makes for a lovely shot, and I love the pictures of your hubby against the stark whiteness. The beautifully crooked trunks and branches of the trees lining the roadway made them a perfect subject in the advancing-fog photo. And the last shot looks like a shoreline vista, but it isn’t, is it? The tree and brush, barely visible in the distance, make that one extra special. It’s so nice that you and your hubby enjoy a shared interest in photography.

    1. Linda, thank you for the praise. I wouldn’t have guessed that all the images were made just steps from each other either, they have such a different feel to them…

      The last shot doesn’t capture a shoreline vista, it’s just a field. I stood on the road where I had a view of the field from below and that resulted in this nice perspective. When I went just a few steps higher, on the field itself, the perspective got flat and not that interesting.

    1. Sandy, that’s true, the presence and absence of the fog in those different parts of the place made the shooting very interesting, I also like the variety.

      My husband is an amateur photographer too and now when we each have a DSLR camera and a tripod, we can have some fun shooting together. I find it very inspiring.

  3. These are gorgeous photos, despite the fog. The joy of photography is capturing the changing moment, which you do so well. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. How fun to have your husband share your passion!

  4. Funny how sometimes we have a set vision in our head and if the conditions aren’t how we think they should be we want to chalk it up as a loss before we simply look around and capture the beauty that is right in front of us. You captured the beauty. I love all your shots. 🙂 I have to say I am a little jealous too…I haven’t taken any pictures of snow this winter…

    1. Michelle, thank you, I’m pleased to hear you love the photos. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s good to have a vision and it’s even better not to stop when the vision seems or becomes unachievable… It was a good lesson. 🙂

  5. Fun that you got out for photos after all.

    I like the images of your hubby. That milky atmosphere is other worldly and yet our world.

    The last image reminds me of snow around here lately after being kissed by the warmth of sun.

    1. Tammie, sometimes I am a very stubborn gal and my hubby knows that. This time though my persistence proved right which I was grateful for. 🙂

      I liked the light reflecting from the snow in the foreground, without it, the image might have been dull.

  6. Petra, you experienced one of those days that I really love – fog and sun. Fortunately here at the coast we get our share of them, and I’m so intrigued by the fog.
    The image of the road bordered by the trees is such a beautiful picture. It is atmospheric and draws the viewer in. Simply beautiful.

    1. Carola, thanks, I’m pleased to hear you like the photo with the road! I agree, a combination of fog and sun can be very nice. I’m not quite sure but I’d say that we usually have just plain fog disguising the scenery more or less which I also like but it lacks the spark of the sunshine…

  7. Beverly

    Petra, you have a most beautiful way of telling the story behind the photos you’ve taken, how, why…It is a joy to read and see your work! These are all so beautiful…fog is one of my favorite things to shoot in, but we seldom have it. The triptych of your hubby is fascinating. Beautiful work and words!!

    1. Beverly, thank you for the praise and for your kind words. I’m pleased to hear that you found this story and the photos interesting.

      I like fog, it’s such a fascinating phenomenon able to create great views, but sometimes it’s also quite challenging when it’s dense and non-transparent and one is supposed to drive through it… 🙂

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