Visiting Klatovy and leaving way too early

In January my hubby and I visited Klatovy, a town in Western Bohemia. There are nice places to take photos of but unfortunately the weather changed significantly while we were going there and when we arrived at the town, it wasn’t much favourable for shooting outside.

Having said that, we didn’t let the weather deter us entirely from our intentions and spent some time in the town. I would like to share a few photos here that I took by on old church situated not far from the town’s centre.


I wanted to capture the side wall of the church with the adjacent little house when the man with the children stepped in front of my camera. I don’t have many people in my photos and these looked so good on the path so I shifted the view a bit and incorporated them into my photo. Then it was so interesting to watch them disappear into the distance, their walking actually inspired me to take another photo better expressing the length of the path.


Then, after moving just a few meters forward along the path, I noticed beautiful expressive colours and textures and their contrast, could you pass by without looking back?



Eventually I came to the corner of the church and glimpsed the street behind it when it started to snow so heavily that we decided to leave immediately. Just before we left, I made a desperate effort to capture the street despite the dense whirling snow and I took two last photos. Surprisingly they both turned out to be quite interesting and illustrate beautifully how different a capture you can get when changing perspective just a little bit. In the first photo I included the corner of the church…


… while the other photo focuses just on the street and includes more branches of the tree on the left.


I find the first capture more expressive and prominent while the second photo seems so much softer and gentler…

You see, it was very short and imperfect shooting, but it left me inspired and longing to come back. I am sure I will take you to Klatovy again…



  1. Wow, Petra! I honestly love all of these…the composition, the clarity, the colors…they’re just wonderful. The last two have a dream-like quality to them, with the features made somewhat indistinct by the heavily falling snow. I’m so glad the man and his children entered the scene because I believe they definitely added something to the first two shots.

    1. Linda, thank you, I’m pleased you like the photos. I would like to add more people to my photos on purpose, to play a role there, that can make such a difference. I regret a bit now that I didn’t take out my tripod to achieve better technical quality of the photos but it didn’t make sense at the moment. I took all of these photos (and a few more) within just ten minutes before the heavy snowing started…

  2. Beautiful! The last picture is my favorite. 🙂 I love looking down the street, seeing the front of the buildings and the colors. The snow looks wonderful, but I bet it wasn’t wonderful to travel in. Stay warm. I am hoping for snow tonight.

    1. Michelle, thank you. I also like the last photo, more than the previous one. It’s so beautifully soft and yet quite vivid at the same time.

      Good luck with the snow! Surprisingly, just after a few kilometres we got out of the snowing, there was even blue sky… One could hardly believe that!

  3. Fabulous pictures and what a great walk. Monday, Frank posted some large icicles and that reminded me of my time in Bozi Dar and we stayed in a Hotel Zeleny Dum…… large icicles hung from the gutters… (I was 15…. ) I love snow. You are so lucky to be able to walk in a postcard….

    1. Astrid, thank you. Walking in a postcard sounds wonderful, I love that idea! 🙂

      It’s interesting to hear that you visited Boží Dar and stayed there! When I was about 10 to 14, the company my father worked with organised a week-long stay in Boží Dar every winter to come and ski and I went there several times with him. I still have some photos that somebody took and shared and they feel like a nice memory…

  4. I am quite enjoying the process you take us through, Petra, in your posts. Besides, I LOVE when it snows and would like the challenge (I think) of having to figure it out again, just like you did. HA! Well done.

    1. Ginnie, thank you. I would have thought that taking photos when it snows doesn’t make much sense because blurred snowflakes may quite effectively mar the image but the experience I gained in January proved me wrong. It depends on what you want to capture and in some cases the snowing can add lots of charm to the scene. With your ready camera, I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to try that sooner or later too! 🙂

  5. Hello Petra,

    The way you talk about your photographs takes me more deeply into them.
    The people in the foreground and then further down the walkway, really does show distance and brings me closer to being there.

    I love the details of the buildings, the stonework, colors and shapes. Quite different than here.

    In the snowy scenes at the end of your post, I love how things are in brighter color in the foreground and softer in the distance. Beautiful.

    We are having quite a snowy time here. In the past week I have gotten at least 36 inches! So much good work moving all that snow out of the paths and roads. Winter is still here.

    1. Tammie, I’m pleased to hear that my accompanying words and thoughts make sense to you, sometimes it’s not easy to express in words what you feel in the scene.

      The street looked nice before it started snowing and even better with all that snow, the impression changed so unbelievably quickly. I’m quite happy that I didn’t shove my camera into the bag immediately but tried to capture the atmosphere, I really like that last image.

      You have so much snow to deal with… The snow in our garden and yard has transformed into ice during the last few days, at least its upper parts and it’s such a strange thing to watch the icy sparkling over the whole garden. I agree, winter is still here!

  6. Beverly

    These are all just beautiful! My favorite part is reading your intentions and descriptions of what you see, capture, and why. Old buildings of stone are some of my favorites to just look at, as well as photograph, and it is a wonderful thing that you have so many available. The final image will be one of my favorites…I love snow, winding streets, and old buildings…it’s perfect. I’ve truly enjoyed your journey today, and thank you for sharing. Very beautifully done!

    1. Beverly, thank you so much for the praise. They say that a photo should speak for itself which I find true but on the other hand, adding the additional information can make the story so much more interesting and can lead the viewer’s eye deeper into the scene. I am pleased to hear that my commentary was interesting for you and that you enjoyed the walk with me. 🙂

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