It is the last day of January today and according to the rules of my 12-month photo project I am supposed to publish 3 to 5 photos that I took throughout the month based on the theme of the month, which was BUILDINGS.

It wasn’t easy to select those 3 to 5 representative photos for this post but here is the selection. In my opinion, these photos fulfil the theme appropriately and are interesting enough to stand on their own. They are presented in random order.

No. 1: A house in Dobřany

The simple and yet prominent shapes and lines of this house felt attractive to me and the snow covering the roofs helped to create a minimalist look that I love.

No. 2: A church in Dobřany


You may not agree with me but I love the distorted lines of the church and the other building. After looking at the scene for a while my eyes always find the path and follow it inside the photo, then they follow the lines of the buildings and lead me to the upper part of the photo and then they return to the beginning of the path. I could look at the photo for a long time, discovering it again and again.

No. 3: A building in Dobřany


I liked this small building placed in school premises and decorated with playful drawings and I also liked the soft colours of the scene. Funnily enough, it was not until I was preparing this post that I noticed the fact that the drawings depict other buildings and places situated in the town.

No. 4: A building in Švihov


This is a side of a very unusual house that looked like an old church adopted for living. As I found out on the Internet, the building used to be a church that was part of a spital areal serving to the poor and ill, the church’s history reaches back to 14th century. In 1788 it was deconsecrated and has been used as a family house since then. The last owners (a family where both parents are archaeologists) found the place in 1998 and started its restoration. A very unusual place to live in…

No. 5: Agriculture buildings in Švihov


I love a scenery like this, that industrial look makes my pulse quicken. I was happy to have the opportunity to try and capture it in my photos. Nevertheless, when I was trying to capture the buildings, the fence was blocking the view and was absolutely bothersome. It was placed in such a way that I couldn’t get behind it, I couldn’t get above it, I couldn’t avoid its presence in my photo… First I took a few photos with the fence being just in the lower part of the photo or being blurred to be less prominent but neither worked for me, the photos were sparkless. So I decided to make the fence a part of the photo and I like this version much better. Yes, the fence is prominent and a bit distracting but on the other hand, it can help telling a story or two.

Well, that’s it. As January has been quite cold here and especially in its first half it was often snowing, it was quite challenging to shoot buildings. On the other hand, I took photos I wouldn’t have taken otherwise and captured different types of scenes than I was used to. Great experience, I can tell you, and I hope that at least one of the photos has caught your attention.

The theme for February will be PART OF THE WHOLE.

All completed themes of the project can be found HERE.



  1. Each of these is so well done. The first is a little more minimalist than I’d probably go for, but I love the lines you’ve captured in that one. I could see what you were saying about how even the distortion in the second image leads the viewer’s eyes into the photo. I like the whimsical nature of the drawings on the small building in the third image, and knowing that they represent local scenes makes them even more interesting. The last two were my favorites, though. I love the colors and textures in the fourth one (see, I’m not exactly a minimalist). And I can’t imagine that industrial shot without the fence as part of the image. It’s perfect. I can hardly wait to see what you come up with in February. 🙂

    1. Linda, thank you for your appreciative words. 🙂 It’s been so interesting to hear your opinion on each and every of the photos. I like the diversity, from the minimalist look to those colours and textures… each one a great experience.

  2. An interesting collection of buildings. I like the lines in the first one, but maybe the snow on the roofs disappear to much into the featureless, grey sky. I must admit that I do not agree with you concerning the second one, but then I try to avoid unnaturally falling lines (DxO Viewpoint is the best program for returning a building to its natural shape). But then, as always , it is a matter of taste. No. 3 and 4 are quite delightful, but my favourite is the last one. The inclusion of the the barbed wire fence makes the photo, and tells a whole story. This is a photo for contests. Bravo!

    1. Rune, thank you for the praise and for sharing your opinion. I’m quite surprised by the positive feedback I’ve got on the last photo and I’m pleased you like it too. As for the distorted lines, I don’t like them when they are not supposed to be in a picture but if they are intentional, they can create an interesting angle of view, which works for me in this case. But I agree and understand, it is a matter of taste. Thanks for reminding me of DxO Viewpoint, I had read about it before but forgot. Sometimes software like that would be really helpful.

  3. hello Petra,

    It was interesting to consider your photographs through your words.
    I enjoyed each one with your thoughts.
    I have always thought it might be nice to live in a church, even though I am not religious. They are often unique buildings and have had meaningful experiences within their walls.

    When i saw the building with the art on it’s wall, I saw a map. I love hand drawn maps, they are so interesting and not an easy perspective for me to create, so I admire them all the more.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post. I enjoyed reconsidering the painting through you.

    1. Tammie, thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed your visit here. I read an interview with the woman who lives in that old church and she said she finds the place inspiring… Surely it’s a place with meaningful history, as you say. I saw some photos from the inside and it seemed quite overwhelming to me but you can’t say how it feels until you experience the feeling, right, the photos are just photos…
      Your paintings seem to awaken my imagination and tell me their little stories, I’m always curious to see the next one. 🙂

  4. Beverly

    Petra, this was like a tour of your city for me, and I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed how you evaluated each building image, and why you posted it. Fascinating, how the very old church has been revitalized to be living quarters. In the US, many old warehouse buildings have been turned into very nice spacious homes, with large windows. I truly enjoyed reading your thoughts and look forward to February’s theme. Such a great idea.

    1. Beverly, thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed this. I thought that adding some of my thoughts to the photos would make one think about them too and see more inside them. They all seem expressive enough to me but adding the information might let them speak louder, as to say… 🙂

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