Books and tulips

Book images belong to assignments of the second month of Kim’s Be Still course and one would say that they are easy to be created. Not everything is as easy as it looks though and I can tell you that I had a hard time with them. For this first series I used tulips that I bought last weekend. I hesitated in the shop whether to buy a bouquet in one colour or this mixture but when I made the decision and brought the tulips home, I was really pleased about how wonderful the mixture looked.


As you might have guessed, the book in the top-down photo above focuses on birds. I like how the bird connects the book with the tea towel, and the colours connect the tea towel with the tulips as well as the tulips with the book, such an intriguing triplet.

The books in the photos belong together, they’re part of a series of little encyclopaedias dealing with trees, mushrooms, butterflies, mammals, and so on. One can’t read them like a novel (well, at least I can’t), but they are handy when we need some information they contain.


The title of the book below is “What blooms here?”, it’s a field guide for identifying flowers. I liked the colours connecting the book and the tulips.


The photos are very colourful and somehow they feel like spring is coming but yesterday we got another portion of snow so we will have to wait for the spring a few more days, hopefully not weeks…



    1. Sandy, thank you. Actually, it’s not straw but pieces of wood that are used to fill a box when transporting goods. I got them once in a parcel when I ordered something and they were used to fill the box. I kept them for their possible use in my photos and here we are…

  1. I've never gotten a package that used the straw as packing. How clever of you to have recognized a use for it in your photography and kept it for that purpose. Our packages usually come with wadded-up paper packing or bubble wrap or those puffy "pillows," none of which would particularly enhance a photo. 🙂 You did a great job with all of these, but the last is probably my favorite. I'm not good at saying why, but maybe it's the simplicity that Gotham Girl mentioned.

    1. Linda, thank you for the praise. Actually, it’s not straw but pieces of wood that are used to fill a box when transporting goods. The parcel I got them in was quite special and has its story. In still life photography I often saw scissors that I liked and that were nowhere to buy here and then my husband found them in an e-shop. I ordered them together with a few more things and all of that came to me in a parcel filled with this wooden material. Moreover, when I opened the parcel, on top of the wooden material lay the little yellow paper rose I used in the photos accompanying my post about Kafka and a little decorative label. It was such a nice surprise!

  2. So beautiful! I love all the colors in the bouquet. 'What blooms here' is the perfect title for a book with flowers. Your images do remind me of spring. 🙂
    I also wanted to let you know…I did put together my 'bullet journal' and am using it. I have pages for books to read, photography ideas, blog ideas, gratitude list, fun memories, and more. I am finding it is nice to have everything is one place. Did you make a 'bullet journal'?

    1. Michelle, thank you, the spring is in the air for sure!

      I’m pleased to hear that you use the bullet journal system, I definitely fell in love with it. I started my own journal on 8th February not even waiting for the start of March and I’ve been so thrilled about it that I’ve written a post which I’m going to post shortly. I have just one collection in place and that’s enough for me at the moment but I’m sure others will follow. Thank you so much for the inspiration!!

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