Magic of coincidence

Take a tray. Put a colander inside the tray. Put a watering can inside the colander. Shoot.

I know, it sounds like utter nonsense. I’d definitely shake my head in disbelief at such an idea. But coincidentally, the other day I bought those three things for my still life photography and when I wanted to take them and place them somewhere (no idea where at that moment), I put them together in the above mentioned way and went looking for some available space. When I got back and saw them sitting on the table, it struck me how interesting they looked together.


That made me go and grab my camera and take a few photos of the whole group and of some details which looked almost abstract.

I wasn’t quite happy with the background and light conditions though so I revisited the idea using better background, more appropriate part of the day for the shooting and a tripod. And I also tried a different lens to achieve better composition.


I think that it would be a mistake to consider the imperfect photos to be a failure. I rather think of them as of drafts or sketches capturing the idea and showing me whether there is some potential or not.


I liked these two shots best and present both of them in two edits. What a difference… What a challenge.

So now you know. Take a tray. Put a colander inside the tray. Put a watering can inside the colander. Shoot. No creative idea is crazy enough.



  1. It's amazing how we suddenly see something that we hadn't thought as worthy of a picture before and then it just hits us and we grab our camera. It happens to me often when I come home with new skeins of yarn. I like your composition and that you played around with light and different way of processing.
    There are no failures, there are only opportunities to learn.

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