Beauty of the ordinary

On Friday we had what might be the coldest morning this winter with its -20°C, which equals -4°F. Actually, it would be the coldest morning in the 15 years we’ve been living in this village. I was a bit afraid that my car wouldn’t start because I was supposed to get to work and to get my children to school so it was a relief to hear the car making up its mind and waking into operation. The gear box was stiff and was moving with slow deliberation but we were on our way and that mattered.


It was cold the whole week and we got plenty of snow but it’s been melting today and next week temperatures should be significantly higher. I’m not pleased about it unlike my hubby who’s been working outside and the very low temperatures made his job tougher than usual.


I captured a few details yesterday in our yard and garden and edited them in a way that best reflected the feelings they made me feel when I noticed them. I love their simplicity and certain moodiness.


Sometimes the ordinary things are very expressive but talking in a different language than we are used to. It takes a while to tune in but when you are on the same wavelength, you can’t get enough of it…


Less is sometimes more…



  1. You'd think we would have gotten some of your snow, Petra, but, no, not where we live. (sigh) We did get temps down to 25 F but nothing colder and only for a few days. Now it's back up to 45 F. Some places are colder than ever and some are warmer than ever. Another sigh. In the meantime, I'm so glad you had the chance to reflect!

    1. Yes, Ginnie, I’d expect you to get a frosty portion embellished with snow as well… I was quite glad that the frost was accompanied by the snow as it means that frost damages in the garden plants should be limited. After scorching hot in summer and this freezing extreme in winter, I’m quite curious to see the condition of our garden plants and bushes in spring…

  2. Oh my! You did get some snow! We've had very little so far this winter. I'm not complaining. 🙂 I love this series of "simply beautiful" images. I found the ladder especially appealing. I also liked the little bits of color that you included in the others. Winter can be very black and white if we don't look closely for some color.

    1. Linda, thank you, I’m pleased you like the photos. You know, noticing the ladder with the snow was the trigger that made me grab my camera and take a few photos when we got home from shopping on Saturday morning… and I loved those specks of yellow and orange in the otherwise subdued scenery!

  3. I'm glad to see that you're finding the beauty in the starkness of winter. I've been finding that humor gets me through this season best of all. My husband and I talk about silly ideas for businesses that we'd like to start or things we would like to invent. Who knows? Maybe one of them will work out one of these days.

    1. Walk2write, thank you for your kind comment. It’s a never ending exercise to try and look for the positive, isn’t it? I like your strategy to find something light and funny to overcome the dullness that winter sometimes brings, getting humour on your side is a great attitude.

  4. It looks cold but beautiful. I have two keys for my car. In the winter I start my car, lock it and go back in the house. In 10 minutes my car is nice and warm. So far our winter isn't going too bad, we had a little snow last week but it has already melted. Stay warm!

    1. Michelle, thank you. Our snow is almost gone too, I’m happy I grabbed the camera during the weekend, it was truly beautiful and now I have a memory. I also sometimes start my car a few minutes before I leave, especially when the windshield is covered with ice, only I don’t need to lock it as it stands in our yard. On that Friday, I totally underestimated the cold!

  5. Brrrr…that is cold! I admire you for taking photos outside in those temperatures and I feel for your husband. I love the composition in that penultimate photo. We're having oddly warm weather in Maine. It's not usually above freezing in January. I like the winter light for photography.

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