Coffee and change

Take some change, coffee or tea and shoot top-down or any other way that suits you, that was another assignment from the Be-still-52 course I’ve been following this year. I gave it a try and found out that there are so many possibilities how to fulfil this assignment. I agree with Kim who mentioned that it could be quite an interesting series. We still have Czech crowns in the Czech Republic so you can see a few pieces of our Czech change in the images. I have two favourite photos from this shooting, both in two versions. All images have been processed in Lightroom.

The photo No. 1 was shot top-down and was processed to get a natural look…


… and then it was darkened by applying and tweaking Kim’s Lightroom preset kk_Eve. It adds a bit of drama to the softness, which I like:


The photo No. 2 was taken from a different perspective and with different focus but again, it was processed to get that natural look that I like…


… and then it was modified by applying and tweaking Kim’s Lightroom preset kk_TouchaDrama. The brown shade suits the coffee theme, doesn’t it?


Eventually I felt inspired to leave both the coffee and change out of the scene and played just with the dried flowers and cloth. I consider the resulting image as the best image of the shooting session as I like it most.


That’s the path of creativity. You start somewhere and may end up somewhere else where you may like it more. But it doesn’t relate just to photography, does it?



  1. I'm learning to just appreciate each image, without making comparisons. I do agree with you about the last one, though. The addition of the twine and the "puffed out" heads on some of the dried flowers lend a whole new perspective to the image. It was interesting to see the Czech coins, too.

    1. Astrid, thank you. I like coffee, especially espresso… but I also like tea which I drink much more than coffee. We still have Czech crowns and I’m pleased about that. Most probably we will have Euro in the future too and we will have to accept that but for the time being, I like it this way.

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