Beauty of the withered

When I was preparing props for my in-crate assignment about which you could read in my previous posts Autumn in the crate and Inspiring hydrangea, I gathered also some withered flowers from my garden and tried to set a few compositions with them.


They might have not made it into the group of my favourite shots of that day but they made me think. About fading beauty, about a circle of life, about having (or not) a character.


I played a bit with processing the photo above and liked the effect I got when applying Kim’s preset kk_still:


Withered doesn’t have to mean ugly, does it? In the course of this almost year long still-life experimenting, I’ve learnt that some photos carry a plain message but other can wear different coats and arise different feelings. It’s an important piece of knowledge that I’m grateful for as it opens other doors to creativity, perception and fulfilment…



  1. One thing I love about photography is that one can get so many different looks with editing. I love your line 'I'm grateful for as it opens other doors to creativity, perception and fulfillment'….beautifully said….

  2. I like the little bit of color beneath the withered branches in the first photo, and the slats of the crate add some interest in the next two. I think I actually prefer the one without the preset applied, but it's really not about one being better than the other, is it? It's more about the different feel of each of them. See? I'm learning. 🙂

    1. Linda, thank you. At first I was quite unhappy about the gaps between the slats of the crate but eventually the repeatedly changing colours and structures added to the photos which was quite unexpected. You hit the nail on the head when mentioning that it’s really not about one version being better than the other, all of them can be good but in different ways. I’m happy I helped you to see it.

    1. Rune, I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean but if I do I may disappoint you. The light (in and on the crate) and focus in the two photos were quite different – the first photo was contrasty while the other one was much softer – so I processed them differently to get the best of them both. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the withered flowers (which I regretted later because I wanted to take more photos and could not) and can’t repeat the shooting.

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